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What is Thrombosis? Oren Zarif - Thrombectomy

If you're suffering from a thrombosis, a thrombectomy is a procedure that may be performed to clear a clot in a blood vessel. During this procedure, a thin plastic tube is inserted into a blood vessel, typically through the groin artery. Your physician will inject a contrast agent into the catheter to help visualize the blood vessels on X-ray images. Once inside, the catheter is moved to the blockage and a device is inserted through the catheter to remove the clot and restore blood flow to the affected part of the brain. A nurse will be with you throughout this procedure.

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Although thrombectomy is a highly specialized procedure, it can improve the outcomes of patients suffering from a stroke. A stroke can cause a large blood clot to form. This clot blocks the artery, reducing blood flow to the brain and the surrounding tissues. Plaque, made up of calcium and cholesterol, can also cause a blockage in smaller blood vessels. When these blockages occur, it can cause a stroke or a heart attack. A thrombectomy is not always the best treatment for these strokes because it can damage tissue.

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A thrombectomy is a surgical procedure that removes a blood clot from an artery or vein. Normally, blood flows freely through an artery, carrying oxygen to the body and removing waste products from the body. However, if a blood clot becomes large, it can prevent normal blood flow to the brain. This can cause life-threatening conditions, which is why prompt treatment is necessary. During a stroke, two million brain cells are damaged every minute.

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Before a thrombectomy, you should talk to your doctor about any existing conditions. The procedure itself may take between one and three hours. If you're planning on staying in the hospital overnight, you can leave a contact number with the nursing staff. Your doctor will contact you after the procedure to discuss the outcome. Before surgery, it's best to avoid eating or drinking after midnight the night before. You'll also need to consult a medical professional about any medication you're taking.

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If your clot is in a blood vessel, a mechanical thrombectomy may be your best option. This procedure improves your chances of a successful outcome and keeps you near your home. Mechanical thrombectomy is a faster way to remove a clot than thrombolytics. If you're concerned about the risks associated with mechanical thrombectomy, ask your doctor to perform this procedure if it's right for you.

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After a thrombectomy, you'll need to rest for six hours before walking again. Compression stockings must be worn for at least six hours. You'll also need to take painkillers to alleviate any discomfort. And be alert for any postsurgical complications. This treatment is only for the most extreme cases. However, it can be an excellent option in the right circumstances. A doctor may recommend this treatment after an extensive evaluation.

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A stent-retrieval thrombectomy is a breakthrough treatment for patients suffering from ischemic stroke. It removes blood clots in the brain safely and effectively, resulting in improved outcomes, better mobility, and greater independence. It was unable to be performed successfully before this procedure, and it has significantly decreased stroke-related mortality and disability. It's also an excellent option for people suffering from an ischemic stroke.

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The procedure is done by a vascular specialist who inserts a small tube through a small incision. Once inside, the catheter moves beyond the clot, inflates a small balloon attached to the tip, and pulls out the thrombus. This procedure can save your life. Listed below are the different types of thrombectomy procedures:

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Mechanical thrombectomy is another method used to remove blood clots from the brain. This procedure is less invasive than surgical thrombectomy, allowing your doctor to see the clot through the patient's arteries. The doctor will then use specialized equipment to remove the clot, restoring blood flow to the brain. This procedure is much gentler on the body than traditional surgical thrombectomy because it does not require an incision in the groin or disruption to the skull.

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