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Symptoms of Cerebellar Stroke - Oren Zarif - Cerebellar Stroke

The symptoms of cerebellar stroke can be nonspecific and depend on where the lesion is located and the extent of the damage. This is why a thorough history and neurological exam are important to make a diagnosis. Listed below are some of the most common symptoms of cerebellar stroke. When you experience them, consult with your healthcare provider immediately. Symptoms may include:

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Neurological deterioration is a major concern after cerebellar stroke. This condition can lead to coma within 24 hours. This condition can also lead to extensive concomitant brainstem infarction. Patients with cerebellar stroke often become unresponsive within hours of the initial onset of the symptoms. However, if the stroke is prevented with prompt treatment and close monitoring, the patient can recover and return home.

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The earliest findings on cerebellar stroke are small infarcts, which were referred to as lacunar infarctions. These small infarcts were not recognized clinically, but were discovered on postmortem brains. MRI and neuroimaging may detect cerebellar microinfarcts. This imaging technique can also detect infarcts in vivo. But, it should be noted that these findings may not be definitive.

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Although only 10% of stroke cases occur in the cerebellum, these patients often have devastating effects if the symptoms are not detected early. A missed diagnosis of cerebellar stroke can lead to 40% mortality, and half of the survivors have long-term deficits. Symptoms of cerebellar stroke may include vertigo, headache, ataxia, nausea, and vomiting. There are many risk factors for cerebellar stroke, including cigarette smoking and diabetes mellitus.

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To confirm the diagnosis of cerebellar stroke, doctors will evaluate the patient's medical history and symptoms. Accurate diagnosis will help rule out other neurological issues that could contribute to recurrent strokes. Imaging tests will help determine whether there has been any brain bleeding. MRI is often recommended first. Its ability to visualize the cerebellum is superior to a CT scan, which can miss a small mass that may be pressing on it.

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Symptoms of cerebellar stroke may include headache, seizures, vomiting, nausea, and abnormal gait. While cerebellar infarctions are similar to stroke, a large ischemic territory leads to higher morbidity. A delayed diagnosis can result in cerebral edema and even death. Surgical evacuation of the cerebellum can be lifesaving. And if you are experiencing these symptoms, consider a high index of suspicion for cerebellar stroke.

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A cerebellar infarction may be classified into two main types, posterior inferior cerebellar artery infarction and anterior superior cerebellar artery infarction. Anterior inferior cerebellar artery infarction (PICA) infarction results in unilateral hearing loss, facial paralysis, and truncal ataxia. However, patients with posterior inferior cerebellar artery infarction are more likely to show symptoms of dizziness, limb ataxia, and nystagmus.

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Occupational therapy is another effective treatment for patients after a cerebellar stroke. Physical therapists can help patients with basic daily activities, such as walking, eating, and changing clothes. Other treatments may include vision training, which can help partially restore sight. Vision training involves specific eye exercises that stimulate the brain and help it process visual input. When combined with other therapies, cognitive training may result in a positive outcome for patients. So far, the recovery rate for cerebellar stroke patients remains elusive, though, due to the fact that there are so many complications.

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The lobule VI is located between the anterior lobe and the posterior superior lobe. Its function is unclear, but it is thought to be an intermediary for motor and nonmotor functions. Its location is largely responsible for cerebellar infarction. Moreover, there are two separate lobes for each of the two hemispheres. Combined, these lobes comprise the posterior surface of the cerebellum.

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Cerebellar infarcts can be very small, as small as two centimeters in diameter. As a result, this disorder deserves more attention. This article aims to provide a comprehensive review of infarct terminology and classification of very small cerebellar infarcts. The search strategy identified relevant studies published in English, but restricted to the past two years. So, what are the risk factors for cerebellar stroke?

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Psychotic disorders are not uncommon after cerebellar stroke. Although there are no direct correlations between location of infarct and specific neuropsychiatric symptoms, cerebellar infarcts are frequently associated with psychosis. Cerebellar tumors may also lead to psychotic symptoms. These findings indicate the potential role of cerebellar pathology in psychiatric presentations. In the meantime, they highlight the importance of cerebellar infarcts for future psychiatric research.

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