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How to Treat a Contusion Cervical - Oren Zarif - Contusion Cerebral

A contusion cerebral is a damage to the brain that occurs when a person's brain suddenly moves against the skull. It can also occur when the brain is suddenly stopped when it is struck by an immovable object. In either case, the brain's countermoving movement can damage other parts of the brain, including those on the opposite side. This damage can lead to significant neurological deficits. However, there are many ways to treat a contusion cerebral, including undergoing surgery.

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Contusions occur from minor to major. Some of them result in bruising of the brain tissue, causing multiple microhemorrhages. About twenty to thirty percent of serious head injuries result in a cerebral contusion. This type of injury usually causes a period of unconsciousness lasting between 15 and 30 minutes. It is different from a concussion, which only results in minor bruising of the brain tissue. A concussion, however, often causes mental decline. A concussion is a serious condition, and requires immediate medical attention.

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Mild TBI is generally treated with over-the-counter pain relievers, and patients can gradually return to normal activities. However, if symptoms do not improve after a few days, contact a health care provider. A moderate to severe TBI requires the assistance of a health care provider, who stabilizes the patient's vital signs and tests blood pressure, oxygen to the brain, and the temperature of the brain. In severe cases, surgery may be needed to remove parts of the contused brain.

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Brain contusions can occur anywhere on the brain, but are most common in the frontal and temporal lobes. They are hemorrhagic lesions and usually occur at the crests of the gyri of the cerebrum. They can progress to the white/gray border of the brain. Some can progress to necrosis, cavitation, and reactive gliosis.

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Despite the relatively mild severity of these injuries, these patients tended to develop persistent neurological symptoms. Twenty-seven percent of patients showed focal perfusion deficits, whereas seven percent had diffuse regional hypoperfusion. Acute head injury may also lead to a partial correlation of neurological symptoms and perfusion deficits with MRI. This study did not reveal any definitive cause for concussion. There are several causes of concussion.

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In some cases, a head injury may cause bleeding into the subarachnoid space. This is visible as thin-line, diffuse blood on the brain's surface. While most cases of subarachnoid hemorrhage associated with head trauma are mild, severe traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhaging may lead to hydrocephalus. The symptoms of a contusion cerebral may also depend on where the blood accumulated.

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For patients with multiple CC, the CT scan results may be used to estimate a patient's prognosis. Among the factors affecting the prognosis are the size and volume of the contusion, and the CT grade of cerebral edema. In addition, the CT imaging findings were significantly correlated with the patient's ICP and prognosis. This study may improve the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment for patients with cerebral edema.

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The healthcare provider may insert a small, hollow device through the skull or between the brain and the skull. The doctor may insert one or both devices in the ICU or operating room. The device will attach to a monitor, which provides a constant reading of the pressure inside the skull. The healthcare provider may give the patient medicine to help them remain comfortable. The device is removed once the swelling has decreased. If the swelling is not causing any further damage, the patient will go home.

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