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How to Cope With Concussion Symptoms - Oren Zarif - Concussion

While concussion symptoms often persist, most people recover from them. Rest is critical for concussion recovery, as it helps the brain repair itself. After a concussion, you will need to limit physical and mental activities, as doing so may aggravate your symptoms. Slowly return to your normal activities. In the first week or two, you should try to avoid the activities that cause your symptoms. It may take a few days to fully recover from a concussion, but eventually you will be able to return to them.

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Your symptoms will vary depending on how severe your concussion is. Generally, your doctor will ask you about the circumstances that caused the injury and whether it was severe or mild. Your doctor may order a CT scan or MRI to confirm the diagnosis. You may also be asked to take a memory test, and your doctor may order a brain imaging. These tests are recommended by your doctor if you think you might have suffered a concussion.

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The symptoms of concussion can include impairments in memory, judgment, reflexes, speech, and balance. People who have experienced concussions may report a short period of forgetfulness, or they may act dazed or confused. They may even describe seeing stars. If you suspect that you have suffered a concussion, call 911 immediately. A trained medical professional can help you determine whether you have suffered a concussion.

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Although concussion symptoms aren't life-threatening, they can still be devastating. If you or a loved one has suffered a concussion, contact your health care provider immediately. Your physician will be able to diagnose your condition and determine the best course of treatment. In some cases, you may need to stay in bed to rest for a few days. Your doctor will prescribe you a prescription medication and a concussion treatment regimen that will best suit your condition.

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Many people suffer long-term effects from a concussion. These problems can range from memory impairments and concentration difficulties to physical skills like balance. In extreme cases, returning to play too soon increases your risk of another concussion, known as second impact syndrome. In addition to this risk, the athlete may suffer a second impact syndrome, resulting in a second concussion before his or her brain recovers completely.

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Although most concussion sufferers recover quickly, some symptoms may persist for hours or even days. It is important to seek medical care from a clinical neuropsychologist experienced in brain injuries and seek treatment early if symptoms persist. Do not engage in any physical activity until you have been cleared by your doctor. If you have experienced a concussion, you should never return to the same sport afterward. This can increase your risk of long-term problems.

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As a student, it's important to avoid strenuous physical activity for a few days after a concussion. While it's normal to feel tired and drowsy after a physical accident, the mental and cognitive symptoms of concussion can interfere with learning and memory. During this period, it is also important to avoid playing video games and excessive computer use. Additionally, you should limit the amount of loud music you listen to. Your physician should also give you the OK to return to sports or physical activities.

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Although a CT scan may reveal changes in the brain, these tests should not be used for concussion diagnosis. Despite their high risk, brain imaging studies aren't the best way to assess concussion symptoms. While these studies are still valuable, they do not show the type of changes in brain structure that concussion patients experience. Additionally, the images used to diagnose concussion often do not show significant changes in the brain, and CT scans expose patients to unnecessary radiation.

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In addition to CT scans, a blow to the head can also result in microscopic brain damage that cannot be seen on a CT scan. Brain swelling is also a common symptom of severe brain injuries, and can amplify any symptoms associated with it. If you have been diagnosed with concussion, contact your physician immediately to ensure proper treatment. For more information, check out the National Athletic Trainers' Association's Heads Up video.

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