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Why the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada Rebranded - Oren Zarif - Heart and Stroke

The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada (HSF) recently rebranded as Heart & Stroke. This Canadian organization is dedicated to funding, advocacy and education in the field of heart disease and stroke. The organization also funds research for treatments and prevention. Heart and stroke is a disease that affects over eight million people in Canada each year. To learn more, visit However, you may be wondering why the HSF of Canada has rebranded.

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Heart attacks and strokes have similar symptoms, but they are very different medical conditions. Heart attacks affect the heart, while strokes affect the blood vessels leading to the brain. While both conditions can cause disability and even death, taking immediate action is important to your recovery. If you experience any of the following symptoms, call 9-1-1 right away. These symptoms are indicative of a stroke or heart attack, and prompt treatment can mean the difference between life and death.

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Heart & Stroke's logo had to convey urgency and seriousness while still appearing friendly and approachable. While many health charities try to appear friendly, they often overreach to make themselves seem like the "fun" organization they are. In this case, the Heart & Stroke logo had to reflect the organization's less-popular name while still fulfilling official bilingualism requirements in the UK. The stroke symbol doesn't translate to the French word for stroke, but it represents an abrupt interruption in the blood flow.

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The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada has rebranded as Heart & Stroke, a new organization dedicated to research, advocacy, and education about the disease. With a mission to prevent and cure heart disease, the new organization has a lot to offer the public. Listed below are some ways you can support their work. And remember: donations of any size are appreciated! Heart & Stroke is a great way to support a worthy cause.

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Men and women are at risk for both strokes and heart attacks. Men are slightly more likely to have a heart attack, and strokes are twice as common in men. But while women are slightly more likely to die from a stroke than men of the same age, their risk increases as well. Also, women tend to have strokes later in life, and they are less likely to recover. But it's never too late to get a head start on prevention.

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The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada is a national, non-profit organization with a mission to prevent heart disease and stroke and reduce its impact on Canadian society. The Foundation is made up of ten independent provincial foundations, which is backed by nearly 250,000 volunteers. The charity offers several programs, awards, and scientific meetings. It also engages in lobbying and position statements. But beyond promoting awareness, the new Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada has a more streamlined and engaging brand.

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A heart and stroke diagnosis begins with a thorough history and a summary of your symptoms. Your doctor will then order a CT scan or an MRI of your heart and blood vessels to determine the exact cause of your symptoms. After the diagnosis is made, you may undergo more invasive treatment, such as coronary artery bypass grafting or angioplasty with a stent. If necessary, you can also undergo surgery to repair damaged heart tissue.

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The CDC's Division of Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention collaborates with health organizations throughout the state to educate people about their risk factors. The organization promotes high blood pressure and cholesterol awareness, increased physical activity, healthy diets, and low-fat milk. Additionally, the CDC supports clinical trials to help find a cure for the disease. There are even printable activities for parents, so that they can pass along the knowledge to their children.

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