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Rebranding for Heart & Stroke - Oren Zarif - Heart and Stroke

When the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada rebranded as Heart & Stroke, they reaffirmed their commitment to education, research, and advocacy. While the Foundation's mission remains unchanged, its priorities are similar. These include funding, advocacy, and education. In addition to funding research, Heart & Stroke offers a variety of other programs, such as heart-healthy living programs and family support. However, the charity has been rebranded because of changes to the organization's mission.

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Both heart attacks and strokes are caused by a blockage of blood flow in the arteries or heart. Though the symptoms are similar, the treatments for them are quite different. The sooner you begin treatment, the better your chances of recovery. In the case of a heart attack, early treatment can mean the difference between survival and complete recovery. Taking steps to prevent recurrence and heart damage are essential for the best recovery. Therefore, recognizing and responding to early symptoms is essential.

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Heart & Stroke's logo needed to convey both its urgency and seriousness. At the same time, it needed to be approachable and inspire people to participate in its work. Many health charities tend to appear too serious and medical while also trying to be approachable. A redesign for Heart & Stroke needed to strike a balance between being both a strong representation of its mission and a friendly, approachable design. While the name Heart & Stroke is the more commonly used name for the organization, it also fulfilled official bilingualism requirements. While the stroke symbol does not translate directly to the French word for stroke, it does represent an abrupt interruption of blood flow.

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Although it may be difficult to identify the symptoms of a heart attack, there are several warning signs of a potential stroke. In most cases, the symptoms of a stroke are short-lived and temporary. Transient ischemic attacks, or mini-strokes, are usually the result of atherosclerosis, which narrows the arteries. Therefore, it is important to receive regular checkups to monitor any potential problems. Even if the symptoms are mild, regular checkups can help you avoid major complications in the future.

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The Heart and Stroke Foundation's mission is to improve public health through research and education. The organization is focused on two core programs: promoting health and conducting research. It emphasizes equity in its mission and encourages researchers to study heart disease and stroke in underrepresented groups. The Heart & Stroke Foundation offers a variety of free resources for consumers and health care providers. This foundation offers an array of free resources, including online courses, printed activities, and more.

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High blood pressure is a leading cause of heart attacks and stroke, as it damages the lining of the arteries, making them more susceptible to the buildup of plaque. Plaque then narrows the arteries leading to the heart and brain. An estimated 116 million US adults suffer from high blood pressure, and only about a fourth of those are under control. In addition, more than $120 billion is spent each year treating cardiovascular disease, yet only 5% are aware of it.

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The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada is the national nonprofit organization dedicated to improving public health and preventing heart disease and stroke. The foundation is made up of independent provincial foundations that work together to provide information and resources for the public. Heart and Stroke Canada has 125,000 volunteers and one million donors, allowing it to support the activities of the provinces. In addition, the organization's activities are focused on funding research to develop new treatments.

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While both are life-threatening situations, symptoms of a heart attack can vary. Patients can experience chest pain, discomfort, fullness, or pressure in the center, jaw, and arms. Other symptoms of a heart attack include cold sweating, nausea, and lightheadedness. A physician should take immediate action if any of these symptoms is present. The symptoms of a stroke can be mild or severe, but may lead to death. In order to diagnose a heart attack, a doctor should examine a patient's heart muscles and perform a number of tests.

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After a heart attack, people who have had a stroke can continue exercising and avoiding excessive alcohol. It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle to help the body heal faster. In addition to medication, doctors may use special devices to break up clots in the blood vessels. For some people, surgery is necessary to repair a ruptured blood vessel. However, if a person experiences a hemorrhagic stroke, it is often possible to use special clips to secure the blood vessel.

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