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What Are the Effects of Frontal Lobe Damage? - Oren Zarif - Frontal Lobe Damage

A thorough neurologic exam is the most important component of testing a patient for frontal lobe damage. The history of the patient and close family members should be obtained as well. During the exam, any behavioral changes should be noted, such as inappropriate jocularity, insight impairment, confabulation, and utilization behavior. In this study, a woman with frontal lobe damage persuaded health professionals that she could live alone, despite the fact that she could no longer remember how to take her lifesaving medications.

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The effects of frontal lobe damage may vary, depending on the cause of the injury. However, even minor injuries can cause serious damage to the brain. Whether the injury is a car accident or a railroad spike explosion, the frontal lobe plays an essential role in movement. Recent research has pinpointed areas of the frontal lobes that are involved in movement. A frontal lobe injury can have lifelong effects, and even minor injuries should be immediately treated.

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Although the causes of frontal lobe damage can vary, the prognosis of patients with this syndrome is usually good. Patients with reversible causes have a higher chance of overcoming the syndrome. Patients with progressive neurodegenerative conditions often require lifelong care and multifaceted support services. Social workers can help the family cope with the changing needs of the patient. However, these professionals should be aware that social work services are not appropriate for all frontal lobe syndrome patients.

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In addition to decision-making, research on the consequences of frontal lobe damage have centered on tracking reward, punishment, and risk. But, there are a number of other aspects of decision making that cannot be studied with a single study. One study compared the performance of patients with frontal lobe damage with a control group of healthy age-matched subjects. The study sought to identify if damage to the frontal regions leads to systematic differences in strategic decision-making.

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A person with frontal lobe damage may experience an increased likelihood of violent behavior. The risk of aggressive behavior increases as the patient develops more difficulty managing money. They may miss bills, or even file for bankruptcy. They may also become more moody and impulsive. As a result, they should be supported during this difficult period of their recovery. If they suffer from frontal lobe damage, they may need additional time for recovery.

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In addition to impulsivity, frontal lobe damage has also been associated with an increase in risk taking. Intuitivity and risk taking are related to response disinhibition and reward-based decision-making. Individuals who exhibit impulsivity often lack self-control and will jump at a chance to receive a reward. Observations of increased risk taking during gambling have also led to the development of tasks that measure risk-taking.

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Voxel-based lesion-behavior mapping differs from overlap group designs in neuropsychological research. This approach yields a sophisticated statistical approach that can estimate the brain regions associated with behavioral deficits. It does not require a prior categorization of stroke patients, which limits the validity of overlap group lesion studies. These studies are more sensitive because lesion boundaries often overlap between patient groups. A study like this will help to determine the extent of frontal lobe damage.

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If the entire frontal lobe is affected, the symptoms can range from right to left disorientation to problems with writing and proprioception. One could even experience difficulty identifying objects based on touch. Moreover, an individual might have difficulty with language if the damaged frontal lobe is damaged. And a severe case can result in death. Fortunately, many cases of frontal lobe damage are easily treatable and reversible.

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The most common form of frontal lobe damage occurs when there is trauma to the cerebrum. The frontal lobe accounts for 41% of the total neocortical volume. The frontal lobe is located in the anterior cranial fossa and on the frontal bone. Its most anterior portion, called the frontal pole, extends to a central sulcus, which separates it from the parietal lobe and temporal lobe. The lateral sulcus separates the cerebrum from the rest of the brain, including the temporal lobe and parietal lobe.

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