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TIA Symptoms - Oren Zarif - TIA Symptoms

If you experience any of these signs, you should call 999 and get emergency medical care immediately. Although TIA symptoms usually pass without treatment, they should not be ignored. Your doctor may refer you to a neurologist or ask you to wear a Holter monitor to monitor your heart rhythms for a period of time. These are important indicators that your condition is more serious than it seems. Read on for more information.

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Your physician may order a TIA evaluation if you notice one or more of these symptoms. In addition to neuroimaging, your doctor may also perform cervicocephalic vasculature imaging and electrocardiography. Your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and glucose levels will also be checked. A cardiac monitor may also be required to determine if you are at risk for another stroke. Your doctor may also order some blood tests to determine if you have a weakened heart.

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In addition to your TIA, you should consider the emotional consequences of the condition. After the incident, some people experience depression or anxiety. This can affect your ability to return to work and may limit your activities around the house. If you feel this way, talk to a friend or family member about your symptoms. You should also discuss your needs with your doctor. Your family doctor may prescribe medications that will help you cope with your symptoms.

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A TIA is a warning stroke, or a mini-stroke. It is the first sign of a more serious problem that could lead to a stroke. One in three people with a TIA will experience another stroke within a week of the initial attack. For these reasons, it is critical to seek emergency medical help if you suspect a TIA. You can help a loved one or yourself by asking them to raise their arms, smile, and repeat a simple phrase.

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While TIA symptoms can be harmless, they can worsen if not treated quickly. Getting medical care immediately will minimize any damage to the brain and reduce the risk of lasting impairment. Fortunately, TIA symptoms are not life-threatening, but they are important to monitor as they are the first signs of a stroke. You can decrease your risk of stroke by taking steps to improve your health and reduce your TIA symptoms.

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Although TIAs are often temporary, a stroke can strike within hours or days of the first symptoms. However, the right treatments can help prevent a stroke, so you should seek medical care as soon as you begin experiencing the signs. TIA symptoms include lopsided face, difficulty smiling, and trouble moving the arm. Further, you may also have difficulty repeating simple phrases. And if you have a family history of stroke, it's important to seek medical attention right away.

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Most TIAs occur because of a narrowing of the arteries that supply the brain. These blood vessels are usually clogged with plaque, which can partially or completely block the arteries. Once this happens, blood clots can travel through the bloodstream and eventually to the brain. High blood pressure and diabetes are also causes of narrowed arteries. When a clot forms in one of these vessels, it can block the entire artery and prevent the brain from receiving any blood.

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When TIA symptoms are present, you should go to the emergency room immediately. A TIA exam will involve listening to your heart and testing for signs of a stroke. Depending on the part of the brain that is affected, TIA symptoms will differ from those of a stroke. If you have had a TIA before, your symptoms may be different from those of a stroke. Whether your symptoms are temporary or recurring, you should be checked as soon as possible.

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In addition to the signs listed above, a TIA can also cause weakness and drooping on one side of the face. You might also experience difficulty speaking or even finding words. Your arms may also be weak or unable to support your weight. You may be unable to lift one arm above your head or hold your arms up. In the end, your TIA symptoms can be a warning sign that you have a stroke.

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TIAs are typically self-resolving. However, they are associated with an increased risk of subsequent ischemic strokes, which can be permanently crippling. Your doctor may recommend lifestyle changes to reduce your risk. If you have a history of stroke, you may be encouraged to stop smoking. These are not guarantees of prevention but they will help you stay safe and well. If you notice any of these signs, visit a physician and get diagnosed with a TIA.

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