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The CHS and Lacunar Infract - Oren Zarif - Lacunar Infarct

A lacunar infract occurs in the brain due to a blockage of the small subcortical blood vessels. A typical lacunar infract will not show up on a CT scan. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is more accurate in this case. In addition, CT angiography can be used to evaluate for blockage of the blood vessels. If these tests are normal, then the diagnosis is lacunar infract.

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Treatment for lacunar infract may include intravenous clot-busting drugs, which are administered directly to the brain. Neurosurgeons may remove the clot or blockage to restore brain function. Even with medical treatment, patients may have some brain damage. However, the severity of the damage will determine whether the patient can recover. Although the onset of this condition is often a mild stroke, the effects can last a lifetime.

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The CHS is a unique study tool that allows investigators to investigate risk factors for a lacunar infract defined on MRI. These infarcts can be either symptomatic or silent, and MRI can detect them in both cases. The researchers also are able to evaluate whether CHS can help determine a patient's risk for a lacunar infract. This study is ongoing and is expected to provide further information about the cause of these infracts.

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The CHS is an ongoing longitudinal study of older adults and their health. The study's authors evaluated the risk of new lacunar infarcts in 3660 participants. Moreover, a history of cerebrovascular disease was only associated with a higher risk for new lacunar infarcts in basal ganglia. However, the researchers did note a connection between age and the development of a new lacunar infract.

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Large subcortical infarcts were defined as those sized 15 mm or larger and not confluent with the cortical infarcts. MRI findings in this study were in agreement with previous studies, and the results of the present study are similar to other studies. One of the primary differences in the CTP results between this study and the others is that the lacunar infarcts appear more prominent on the T1 than on the DWI.

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A lacunar infract is a small infarct in the brainstem or deep white matter, which may be a result of occlusion of a penetrating cerebral artery. The infarcts are crescent-shaped and can be visible on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) studies. They are characterized by a cobweb-like network of fibrous strands.

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Although symptoms vary between patients with a lacunar infract, there are some similarities among them. In both groups, white matter hyperintensities were more frequently found than in patients with a single infarct. Although patients in both groups showed similar scores on the MMSE, those with multiple infracts had lower scores on the semantic fluency test and the short-term memory test. However, multivariate analysis did not indicate any significant differences between these two groups.

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A study of 113 patients found that CTP had better sensitivity and specificity than NCCT/CTA in detecting lacunar infarcts. However, CTP failed to detect lacunar infarcts in 76 patients, despite the high sensitivity of this test. CTP also failed to identify infarcts in the basal ganglia and thalamus, despite its lower sensitivity.

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However, patients with this type of infarct often present with restricted neurological signs, and monoparesis is rare. While the diagnosis of lacunar infract is not a definitive diagnosis, clinicians should consider it in any case where monoparesis is present. Early diagnosis may be beneficial for preventing more serious infarcts from forming. So, what is a lacunar infract?

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