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Lacunar Infract - Oren Zarif - Lacunar Infarct

A patient with a Lacunar Infarct may not have symptoms right away. The condition may be the result of an occlusion of a penetrating artery deep in the brain. If left untreated, the infarct can lead to a stroke or another type of cerebrovascular disorder. There are several ways to diagnose and treat Lacunar Infarct. The first step is to rule out other causes of intracranial hemorrhage, such as an arteriole.

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In addition to checking for other symptoms, doctors may also take blood pressure and ask about the patient's medical history. A detailed neurological exam is also done to assess any damage to the brain's functions. A detailed heart function test may be performed as well. Early treatment is important as it increases the chances of survival and limits further damage. Treatment is usually aimed at relieving symptoms and preventing future stroke. In some cases, the doctor may prescribe a blood thinner like aspirin, as well as supportive measures to help with breathing and heart function.

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The symptoms of lacunar stroke depend on which part of the brain is affected. Because different areas control different aspects of the body, the affected region may show symptoms in only one part of the body. For example, the right hemisphere controls motor function and sensation on the left side, while the left hemisphere controls those same functions on the right side of the body. A lesion in one part of the brain can cause weakness in both hemispheres, such as in the left leg.

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Small Lacunar Infarcts may develop into a lacuna. Their cause is a reduction in blood flow in the perforating artery. Various arterial disorders, such as microatheroma and lipohyalinosis, can lead to small lacunar infarcts. Cerebral autosomic dominance arteriopathy is another possible cause.

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Using computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to study lacunar stroke, researchers have shown that a significant portion of these infarcts are caused by embolic sources. However, there are still some unanswered questions about the underlying mechanisms of lacunar infarcts. Therefore, more research is needed before we can determine the best way to treat and prevent these conditions.

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In the event of a lacunar infarct, treatment is similar to ischemic stroke. A clot-busting medication can be given intravenously. Alternatively, the clot may be removed surgically by a neurosurgeon. While a lacunar infarct is generally not life-threatening, it is not uncommon for patients to suffer some degree of brain damage and may affect their ability to take care of themselves.

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The occurrence of a lacunar infarct is associated with a higher prevalence of occlusive carotid artery disease and middle cerebral artery disease. However, new onset of WMH may increase the risk for lacunar infarcts. Furthermore, WMH has been shown to be associated with higher risk for lacunar stroke. There are many reasons for this condition.

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Despite its unique features, the clinical and pathology of Lacunar Infarcts are similar to those of large-vessel ischemic strokes. These lesions are small and occur in the deep areas of the brain. They can result from embolism, vasculitis, or infections. A patient with repeated episodes of Lacunar infarction is likely to have vascular dementia. Some patients may be symptomatic but may not be aware of it.

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While there is no consensus on which risk factors increase the risk of a Lacunar Infarct, several studies have found a correlation between age, sex, and baseline white matter hyperintensity volume with a risk of developing new infarct. These studies also showed a significant association between age and the prevalence of cerebrovascular disease. This association is consistent with the fact that new infarcts may occur concurrently with WMH progression.

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Whether or not the Lacunar Infarct is a sign of vascular disease or an embolism is not completely clear. This condition involves a small, crescent-shaped hole in the white matter of the brain. MRI imaging can identify Lacunar Infarcts when they are caused by occlusion of a penetrating cerebral artery. Some genetic factors also increase the risk of Small Vessel Disease.

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The findings of these studies are promising. In addition to CNV, Lacunar Infarct is an important component of stroke rehabilitation. If treated correctly, it can lead to a full recovery. This condition is also associated with decreased memory. For example, patients with multiple Lacunar Infarcts may experience increased cognitive impairment. For these reasons, it is important to distinguish between types of Lacunar Infarct by anatomical location.

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