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Lacunar Stroke Causes - Oren Zarif - Lacunar Stroke

To find out the causes of lacunar stroke, researchers studied the genetic codes of 7,338 patients with the condition and 25,4798 healthy individuals. These findings suggest that a genetic variation may increase the chances of developing the condition, which causes the brain's small blood vessels to be "leaky," allowing toxins and other substances to enter the brain. In addition, the changes may cause the brain messages to travel less efficiently and in some cases, stop completely. Researchers hope to begin clinical trials within the next decade.

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In addition to advanced age, the most important risk factors for developing lacunar stroke include smoking, diabetes mellitus, and alcohol consumption. The presence of prior strokes may also pose a risk. Some authors have suggested abandoning the lacunar theory, citing the lack of animal data. Other detractors of the lacunar hypothesis point to the presence of embolic sources in a substantial proportion of patients with the disease.

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Early diagnosis of TIA and lacunar stroke are crucial to reducing the risk of developing a full-blown stroke. Treatment can include medicine to restore circulation. Depending on the severity of the damage, a person may need physical rehabilitation and permanent disability. But the symptoms of lacunar stroke are less serious than those of a full-blown stroke. If the symptoms last for weeks or months, the treatment may only be temporary.

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Patients with atherosclerotic stenosis should undergo a carotid ultrasound for a diagnosis. In patients with a severe carotid stenosis, the risk of stroke increases. According to the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, lesions with greater than seventy percent of the upper cerebral artery are clinically significant. If the patient is young and has no other known health problems, an extensive embolic workup is unlikely.

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If a CT scan is positive, a doctor will examine the patient. A CT scan does not help identify a lacunar stroke, but it helps in ruling out other conditions. CT angiograms can also be used to detect blockages. However, MRI is considered the most accurate imaging test for lacunar stroke. If a CT scan is negative, doctors will use a different imaging test to determine the cause.

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A lacunar stroke is a type of stroke in which the motor and sensory portions of the brain are damaged. Damage to this part of the brain will result in motor abnormalities and sensory loss on the same side. The patient may become wobbly and unsteady. Symptoms are often limited to the arm or leg, but the face is typically not affected. A lacunar stroke is a medical emergency that requires prompt diagnosis and treatment.

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Few patients with a single symptomatic lacunar stroke will die from it. Their death may occur a long time after the stroke, making autopsy materials scanty. Since lacunar stroke is so rare, studies on risk factors for this condition have relied on the clinical diagnosis. There are, however, risks associated with the disease. This study will help doctors decide which risk factors may increase the chance of developing lacunar stroke.

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In the absence of diagnostic imaging, lacunar stroke is diagnosed on clinical grounds. It is a form of ischemic stroke and occurs when an artery providing blood to deep brain structures is blocked. It can result in significant long-term disability and memory loss. The genetic basis of lacunar stroke is not fully understood, but scientists have discovered clues that may lead to a diagnosis. So it is important to find the underlying cause of lacunar stroke.

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Patients with a lacunar infarction must undergo rehabilitative therapy to restore neurological function. Their primary care provider should supervise rehabilitation therapy and work with rehabilitation specialists to maximize neurologic function and avoid further strokes. The neurologist may prescribe muscle relaxants and/or medication for spasticity. To minimize the risk of lacunar stroke in the future, patients must also adhere to strict blood pressure and cholesterol levels management.

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