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Lacunar Infarct and MRI - Oren Zarif - Lacunar Infarct

A large majority of cases of Lacunar Infarct are subacute in nature, and MRI is a highly sensitive tool for detecting this type of stroke. The diagnosis requires prompt medical care, but some patients may never be aware of the risk of developing it. There are several reasons why this condition can be so deadly, including family history, high cholesterol, and obstructive sleep apnea.

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Unlike ischemic strokes, lacunar infarcts affect the deepest structures in the brain. Without prompt treatment, these brain structures could suffer irreversible damage. Without proper blood flow, brain cells die. Age is also a risk factor for lacunar infarct. The average age for developing this type of stroke is 65 years old. For this reason, it's important to receive emergency medical care.

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Patients who have experienced a lacunar stroke should immediately go to the emergency room. The doctor may refer the patient to an internal medicine specialist for further evaluation. They will be given medications to help reduce the chances of having another stroke and to dissolve blood clots. These medicines are usually given orally or intravenously. In cases of severe cases, medications may be given directly into the brain. The goal of treatment is to regain the ability to speak, walk, and eat normally.

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A CT scan of the brain takes detailed images of the brain. However, lacunar infarcts are small and do not show up well on CT imaging. Therefore, doctors may opt for a more accurate diagnostic tool, magnetic resonance imaging. The doctor may also perform CT angiography, which checks for blood vessel blockages. These techniques are used to confirm the diagnosis of lacunar infarcts in the brain.

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Some risk factors are common among patients with a lacunar infarct: hypertension, smoking, obesity, and low physical activity. In addition, patients with occlusive artery disease were more likely to develop a lacunar infarct. For this reason, these factors may contribute to the development of Lacunar Infarcts. And while there are many factors that may contribute to a patient's risk of developing a lacunar infarct, none of these have been proven to be significant in the risk of developing a case of Lacunar Infarct.

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A previous study also emphasized that lacunar infarcts are rare in stroke patients. Although the MRI study was able to detect lacunar infarct in nearly a third of patients, this study found that the risk of developing a Lacunar Infarct is higher in cases with a periventricular infarct. While the authors of this study did not have specific thresholds, they found a high rate of lacunar infarct in patients with acute stroke.

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Fortunately, a significant proportion of patients with a lacunar infarct will recover completely. However, there is a risk of perivascular complications despite the small size of the lacunar infarct. This is due to endothelial damage in small vessels and a slight increase in the blood-brain barrier's permeability. Although lacunar stroke is relatively rare, there is a greater risk of mortality from cardiovascular causes after the infarct.

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While the risk of Lacunar Infarct is lower than for any other type of stroke, it is nonetheless important to recognize this condition as early as possible. A subset of lacunar stroke patients have a greater risk of developing an embolic infarct. Antiplatelet therapy, as well as anticoagulant medication, is an option for treating Lacunar Infarct. Controlling vascular risk factors like hypertension and hyperlipidemia are important as well.

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In addition to its risk of progression, new Lacunar Infarcts in the basal ganglia are associated with an increased risk of dying from a stroke. The risk of developing a new Lacunar Infarct is based on age, vascular disease, and hyperhomocysteinemia. The risk factor profiles are consistent with that of deep white matter infarcts.

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The most common cause of stroke in children is ischemic heart disease. About 80 percent of adult strokes are ischemic. The incidence of Lacunar Infarct in children is only two to three per hundred thousand. One third of these patients will experience a recurrent stroke. Although Lacunar Infarct is rare in children, it can occur in any age group. If this is the case, a vascular shunt should be performed.

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During a study of patients with acute stroke symptoms, CTP was superior to NCCT/CTA in detecting Lacunar Infarcts. In a study assessing the CTP's capability to identify lacunae, ten85 CTP examinations were reviewed. The infarcts were recorded based on the NIHSS scores. There were no false-positive results on NCCT/CTA.

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