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How Frontal Lobe Damage Affects Emotion, Memory, and Behavior - Oren Zarif - Frontal Lobe Damage

Damage to the frontal lobe affects the functions of the brain that are responsible for emotion, memory, and behavior. Damage to this region impairs insight, and patients may experience anosognosia, a condition where the individual lacks awareness of any change in their abilities. Individuals with frontal lobe damage may exhibit changes in motivation, attention, and behavior that may make them feel disorganized, childlike, or lack social inhibition.

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The resulting clinical picture of the frontal syndrome is complex and requires specialized knowledge of the causes of the symptoms. Because the frontal syndrome can be a symptom of a variety of diseases, it is important to distinguish it from other brain lesions in order to determine the most appropriate treatment. Moreover, the specific clinical features of a particular condition help to narrow down the cause of the syndrome. These symptoms often begin abruptly after a stroke, injury, or degenerative process, and gradually increase with the presence of tumors or other malformations.

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A face-to-face interview conducted by professionals can mask or exaggerate any frontal lobe impairment. This is particularly common when frontal lobe damage is the cause of delusional behavior. A standardized test may exaggerate or mask the severity of an impairment, and it does not reflect the reality of the person's actual functioning. For instance, a woman once convinced medical professionals that she could live alone after sustaining a brain injury.

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Unfortunately, she was unable to prepare a meal or remember life-saving medications.

However, this finding is not conclusive because other brain regions may also be affected. Although the frontal lobe is not the only region affected by brain lesions, the voxel-based lesion-behavior mapping of the right anterior insula has been shown to be crucial to FAB performance. Furthermore, lesions in the right anterior insula are highly relevant for conceptualization, inhibitory control, and mental flexibility scores.

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As a result, people with frontal lobe damage may be more likely to display impulsive, rude, and aggressive behavior. They may also have trouble planning projects, performing steps correctly, and regulating emotions. In some cases, they may even exhibit symptoms of emotional incontinence. Furthermore, patients with frontal lobe damage may exhibit unusual sexual behavior or reduced sexual interest. A frontal lobe disorder may also cause motor plan disorders.

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Neuropsychological tests used to diagnose frontal lobe damage may involve performing tests to assess motor and language skills. Other tests, such as the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test, involve tracking the eye movements of individuals who have experienced frontal lobe damage. Many of these tests are simple and do not require advanced technology. Often, the severity of the condition is determined by the severity of the damage. This assessment is important for determining whether or not a person has frontal lobe damage.

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A study on the effect of frontal lobe damage on multi-attribute decision-making has also shown that people with frontal lobe damage are more impulsive. These behaviors are associated with reward-based decision-making and response disinhibition. Impulsive individuals tend to make rash decisions without self-control. People with frontal lobe damage are more likely to jump at an opportunity that rewards them.

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The frontal lobe is one of the last parts of the brain to develop. Although it is important for movement, it may not be fully developed until the mid-thirties. Researchers have mapped the areas of the frontal lobe that control movement. One such case is that of Phineas Gage, who suffered frontal lobe damage from an explosion while working on a railroad. The damage to the frontal lobe changed his personality dramatically.

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Memory performance is an important aspect of mental flexibility, and damage to the frontal lobe may impact this function. According to Henry and Crawford, FAB mental flexibility is sensitive to left cortical and frontal lesions. Ramier and Hecaen suggested that there was a left hemisphere factor that mediated the performance of lexical verbal fluency. The effects of frontal lobe damage on memory were seen in two separate studies.

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