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Heart & Stroke Rebranding - Oren Zarif - Heart and Stroke

In November 2016, the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada rebranded as "Heart & Stroke". Its mission remains the same: to fund and advocate for the research that will ultimately save lives. In addition to funding research, Heart & Stroke supports advocacy and education initiatives. To learn more about the organization and how you can help, visit their website. Founded in 1879, the charity supports research in the area of cardiovascular disease, prevention, and rehabilitation.

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Heart & Stroke needed a modern, bold brand identity that could communicate its urgent mission while also being approachable. Because the organization has been in business for 60 years, it was imperative to give it a modern, dynamic, and friendly brand identity that would inspire donors to support its mission. Unlike many health charities, it needed to convey seriousness, but still be approachable and inspiring to inspire people to support its mission. The new brand also needed to be inclusive and engaging, which we achieved by creating a logo that would represent both of these attributes.

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The number one cause of death in Canada is cardiovascular disease. It is also the largest burden on the national health system, and causes over half of all deaths. Despite the prevalence of the disease, the cause remains largely unknown. A combination of medical conditions like high blood pressure and high cholesterol are powerful risk factors. Although men are more susceptible to heart disease and stroke, women are increasingly affected by the conditions as well. To learn more about heart and stroke, visit It's Your Health.

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The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, formerly known as HSF Canada, has changed its name to Heart & Stroke. This charity focuses on funding research, education, and advocacy for those affected by heart and stroke. To learn more about this new name, visit If you're in the mood to donate, you can find out more about the different programs offered by HSF Canada. Donations can also be used for research, which will help find new treatments for stroke and heart disease.

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A heart and stroke logo needed to convey a sense of urgency and seriousness, while at the same time being inviting and approachable. Many health charities are overly medical and appear friendly, which downplays the severity of the issues they address. Heart & Stroke needed a brand that was both modern and dynamic to inspire people to take action and support the cause. The result was a fresh, bold design that conveys both the organization's mission and the hope that lives within it.

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Although there is no single cause of stroke, the symptoms are often related to genetic factors. High blood pressure and diabetes are common in stroke-prone families. Some people may have a genetic disorder that blocks blood flow to the brain. Women, on the other hand, have a lower risk than men of the same age. However, they usually have a stroke later in life and recover more slowly than men. Often, they will die afterward.

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Survivors of a stroke often experience new or worsening heart failure. If the stroke was caused by a heart attack, heart failure can follow. A pacemaker may be necessary. In these cases, the patient should be monitored for symptoms of heart failure. This condition is often accompanied by life-threatening arrhythmias. Another risk factor for stroke is atherosclerosis, which causes the arteries to become narrow. Patients should seek treatment as soon as possible to decrease the risk of a stroke.

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The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada is a national voluntary non-profit organization with a mission to reduce death and disability caused by heart disease and stroke. The organization supports research, education, and advocacy to find cures for these diseases. In addition, the organization provides support for research and develops new therapies to treat them. There are a number of ways that individuals can donate to help the cause of heart disease and stroke. A donation of $25 to the foundation is a great way to show support for this worthy cause.

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