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What You Need to Know About Frontal Lobe Damage - Oren Zarif - Frontal Lobe Damage

There are two kinds of tests used to determine whether or not someone with frontal lobe damage needs help. The first, called a saccade, requires quick eye movements in response to an attention-catching cue. It's difficult to demonstrate executive control during the prosaccade test, as evolutionary forces automatically direct our attention towards prepotent stimuli. A second type of test, called an antisaccade, requires less rapid eye movements but requires no executive control. The last test isn't relevant to frontal lobe damage because it does not require executive control.

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There are other effects of frontal lobe injury, which are often overlooked. Memory impairment is one of the most common symptoms, though the impact on memory isn't entirely clear. Despite the fact that these symptoms have been overlooked or under-documented, patients may exhibit changes in mood and irritability, as well as an inability to regulate their behavior.

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Frontal lobe damage can also cause deficits in executive functions, including anticipation, planning, initiation, monitoring, and error detection and self-correction. A large iron rod impaled Gage's frontal lobe, in 1848, caused a massive stroke. This was a major accident, and the patient survived but experienced dramatic changes in personality. Gage described himself as a well-balanced, intelligent, and energetic person before the accident, but afterward, he

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In the end, frontal lobe damage treatment is focused on addressing the underlying cause. Lifestyle remedies like a healthier diet and regular exercise may be recommended to help the patient regain function. There are many treatment options for frontal lobe damage, and the treatment for each depends on the specific causes of the damage. The following are some common treatments for frontal lobe damage. When a person has frontal lobe damage, their doctor may recommend surgery to repair the frontal lobe or improve their quality of life.

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Recent research has shown that people with frontal lobe damage tend to make poor decisions, and this impairment is linked to the ventromedial lobe. Previous studies have focused on the tracking of reward, punishment, and risk. These findings indicate that decision-making is a complex process and requires multiple stages to be successfully completed. Using process-tracing techniques, researchers assessed multi-attribute decision making in frontal lobe damaged subjects compared with those with normal frontal lobe damage and controls.

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The Link's cube test, one of Luria's favorite neuropsychological tests, is a classic example. In this test, participants assemble 27 small cubes into a large one, while keeping only painted surfaces visible. The results are then analyzed and two composite scores are computed: a constructive plan composite score, reflecting the ability to imagine a cubical volume, and a behavioral organization score, indicating how goal-directed the construction is. These results have been tested in a large cohort of stroke patients.

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Besides assessing the severity of frontal damage, the test also measures cognitive and motor skills. Frontal lesions cause a dramatic change in social behavior. People with frontal lobe damage may be depressed or even psychopathic. Sexual behavior may also be affected by frontal lesions, especially the orbital lesions. Dorolateral frontal lesions reduce sexual interest and introduce new behaviors. A Wisconsin Card Sorting and Finger Tapping tests measure response inhibition, motor skills, and language abilities.

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Treatment for frontal lobe damage depends on the cause of the damage. Infections and brain tumors can be treated with antibiotics, while degenerative diseases can be managed with surgery or chemotherapy. Although there is no cure for this condition, pharmacological and lifestyle changes can help improve symptoms and lead to improvement in patients with frontal lobe damage. A long-term care program may be necessary, including ongoing care with neurologists and speech therapists.

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Depending on the cause of frontal lobe damage, prognosis of this condition varies. If the cause is reversible, treatment is usually focused on reducing symptoms and preserving cognitive abilities. However, if the underlying cause is irreversible, care is usually focused on stabilizing the patient and providing a safe environment for his or her family. A patient's family may also benefit from social work referrals, which can help them cope with changing needs.

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In clinical trials, people with frontal lobe damage who engage in aggressive behaviour display increased levels of antisocial and aggressive behavior. Neuropsychological examination, EEG, and EEG studies have also found a higher rate of prefrontal network dysfunction in subjects with aggressive personality disorder. The findings are particularly interesting in terms of impulsive aggression. While a study of this type of aggression does not show a causal relationship, it still provides valuable information.

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