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What to Do If Your Child Suffers a Concussion - Oren Zarif - Concussion

If you believe you or a friend has suffered from concussion, you should visit your health care provider. A health care provider can recommend physical therapy to help treat the symptoms and the cervical spine. For immediate relief of neck pain, you may be prescribed a soft foam neck brace. Heat and ice are also helpful in relieving pain. Injections of lidocaine or steroids may be recommended. Your health care provider can also recommend additional resources for you.

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Your health care provider will discuss the symptoms you're experiencing with you and will likely perform a neurological exam. Your vision, balance, reflexes, memory, and thinking may all be tested. If you feel faint or have difficulty with your balance, a doctor may order a brain scan to rule out a skull fracture or bleeding. MRIs and CT scans will provide more information about the nature of the injury. If these tests are negative, your doctor may recommend further treatment.

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Symptoms of concussion may be vague and not apparent immediately after the injury. Some patients may appear dazed or confused for hours or even days. Your child may not even remember how they got injured. If you notice any of these symptoms in your child, be sure to get them to the emergency room right away. The doctor will examine their condition and help them determine whether or not their child has concussion symptoms. You can also get a second opinion if necessary.

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It's important to be aware of the warning signs of concussion, including loss of consciousness. Whether you lose consciousness or not, concussion is a very serious injury. Your health care provider should determine if you've suffered a concussion by performing a brain scan to detect any bleeding or swelling in the head. While a health care provider may determine the severity of your injury, the symptoms of concussion may be very minor and require only a follow-up visit.

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A concussion is considered a type of functional brain injury. It causes changes in brain function and may affect a patient's ability to play certain sports. The effects of concussion are temporary and generally clear up within a week if properly diagnosed and treated. During this recovery period, you should rest physically and mentally and consult with a healthcare professional specializing in concussion management. Your physician may also have a concussion protocol - a set of policies that organizations implement when they suffer a sports-related head injury.

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The best concussion treatment is to rest and avoid activities that may exacerbate the symptoms. Take a lot of rest, especially in the early stages of recovery, and do not do any physical activities for several days or weeks. You may need to spend a few days at home, but you should slowly return to normal activities as soon as you are feeling well enough. If you still feel dizzy and have some headaches, you should avoid driving, heavy lifting, and a heavy workload.

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Although the symptoms of concussion generally disappear after a few days, in some cases, they may persist for weeks. Rarely, the symptoms may persist for weeks or even months. A repeat concussion can result in permanent brain damage. If you want to get back to your favorite activities, make sure to talk to your doctor and get the OK to resume. This will make the recovery process much faster. So, be sure to consult a doctor or healthcare provider as soon as possible after the accident.

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While most concussion symptoms can be cured with rest, there are some additional steps you can take to treat your injury. The best treatment for concussion consists of rest and the right medication. Remember that it's not always possible to treat a concussion right away. Your doctor will have specific instructions for your treatment. You should never do any activity that makes you feel dizzy, nauseated, or sleepy.

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If you have sustained a concussion and your symptoms persist after a few days or weeks, you may be suffering from post-concussion syndrome. This is a syndrome where you may experience headache, nausea, dizziness, and fatigue. If you've been exposed to repeated concussions, you may be at risk of developing post-concussion syndrome. Even if your concussion is only mild, it is still important to seek medical attention immediately.

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