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What is a Stroke? - Oren Zarif - Stroke

Stroke is a medical condition in which blood flow to part of the brain is interrupted. Blood is a crucial substance that carries oxygen and other vital substances to the brain. When the flow of blood to the brain is blocked, brain cells die and the oxygen supply is reduced or even stopped. A transient ischaemic attack, or mini-stroke, occurs. Such a stroke can last minutes or even days and may be a warning of a full stroke.

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Most stroke patients do not need CPR. However, if you find a child or adolescent with an unconscious person, do not panic! First, check the child's pulse and breathing. If there is a pulse, call 911. Next, begin CPR while you are waiting for the ambulance to arrive. Repeated, steady chest compressions are effective for stroke patients. Usually, stroke survivors feel sleepy or dizzy shortly after a stroke.

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A stroke victim may need assistance with their daily activities and home safety. An occupational therapist can help them adjust to this change in their sense of touch. The stroke also affects the strength and tone of their muscles, so a physical therapist can help them regain strength and balance. Rehabilitation may take place in a skilled nursing home or in a clinic. In addition, a speech therapist can help with communication issues. As with any medical condition, a stroke survivor will need assistance with daily tasks.

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High blood cholesterol is a risk factor for stroke. Blood cholesterol is another factor. Blood cholesterol can contribute to thickening of arteries. A buildup of plaque, which consists of cholesterol and fatty substances, can restrict the flow of blood to the brain. This cut off of the brain's blood supply can cause a stroke. People who abuse IV drugs are also at higher risk for a stroke. Cocaine is closely related to heart attacks.

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The symptoms of stroke may include problems with speech, difficulty understanding speech, or extreme numbness. Other symptoms include a decreased ability to walk, talk, eat, or process language. The person may also experience fatigue and difficulty understanding or remembering words. Most stroke victims recover completely, but there are also many people who have permanent disabilities or die from a stroke. It's important to seek medical attention for stroke patients immediately. It's essential to know the symptoms that will be present to determine whether a stroke is affecting you.

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There are many risk factors for stroke. In adults, high blood pressure, diabetes, and atherosclerosis are among the main risk factors. But risk factors for stroke in children are much more complex. For example, some babies may not experience symptoms until months later. Other symptoms include slow development and using one hand more than the other. Some children may also have seizures, ranging from violent shaking of an arm to staring into space. While these are serious and need medical attention, there are several ways to lower your risk of stroke.

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Another risk factor for stroke is a TIA (transient ischemic attack). This is an "intermittent blockage" in the blood flow to the brain. Although the symptoms are similar to those of stroke, a TIA may last only a few minutes or hours. If you experience any of these symptoms, see a physician for a thorough neurological exam and head CT scan. If you are suffering from TIA, you should see a doctor as soon as possible to get the proper treatment.

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A stroke occurs when blood flow to part of the brain is reduced, resulting in a clot or narrowed artery. When a blood clot forms in an artery and prevents blood flow, brain cells die, and they cannot receive oxygen. If left untreated, stroke may cause permanent disability or even death. Fortunately, most strokes are treatable, but it's important to get the right medical attention immediately.

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Hemorrhagic stroke, or a bleed on the brain's surface, is a serious condition. It can be caused by uncontrolled high blood pressure or by taking too much blood-thinning medicine. In addition, a stroke can be caused by a transient ischemic attack (TIA), which is caused by a temporary blockage of a blood vessel. Though transient ischemic stroke doesn't permanently damage the brain, it raises the risk of a full-blown stroke.

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