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What is a Brain Bleed? - Oren Zarif - Brain Bleed

You've probably heard of the symptoms of a brain bleed but you're not sure what it is. There are several different types of brain bleeds and identifying one can be difficult. Luckily, there are a few signs to watch for that will help you recognize this condition. Listed below are a few of them. If you notice one of these symptoms, get medical attention immediately. If you don't, you might be in danger of suffering a life-threatening stroke.

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The most common cause of brain bleeds is preterm birth, which is why doctors always recommend that you avoid pregnancy if possible. It's also important to have the right delivery methods, since many types of bleeds require surgery. Your doctor will determine whether you need a c-section or vaginal delivery, based on the size of the bleed and the location. If you have a smaller build, your doctor might recommend this route.

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The treatment of a brain bleed depends on the size of the underlying cause and symptoms. Some types of bleeds may require urgent surgery to remove a large subdural hematoma or a brain tumor. In severe cases, you may also need rehabilitation to learn basic functions again. While a brain bleed is serious, the results of proper treatment can be excellent. Even though you may be in pain or suffering from seizures, with prompt medical attention, you'll be on the road to recovery.

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Surgical treatment of a brain hemorrhage is not uncommon. After the initial medical diagnosis, your doctor will probably suggest a surgical procedure to drain the excess blood and stabilize your brain. While you're in the hospital, you'll probably be admitted for inpatient treatment for a while, and then you'll be discharged to a rehabilitation center to continue your recovery. A patient may be prescribed medication for pain and seizures that are associated with the ruptured aneurysm.

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There are two main types of a brain bleed. The subdural type occurs when blood flows into the arachnoid membrane, while subarachnoid and pia mater bleeds occur in the meninges, which cover the brain. If the blood leaks into the meninges, the resulting bleed may result in bleeding into the brain tissue. In either case, the blood pressure may increase, resulting in a stroke.

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A ruptured blood vessel in the brain is the most common cause of a brain bleed, though it can also occur because of other reasons. One of these reasons is high blood pressure, which weakens the blood vessel walls in the brain. Although high blood pressure is a common cause of a brain bleed, it can also lead to a stroke or other complications. Some diseases, like liver disease, can also increase bleeding.

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There are other warning signs that you should watch for. If you're worried that your child has a brain bleed, make sure someone else sees them. Depending on where the bleed is, the symptoms of a brain bleed may vary. They may be sharp headaches or confusion, or even memory loss. You can also have seizures or confusion if you suspect you've suffered from a brain bleed. If you suspect a traumatic brain injury, get medical attention immediately.

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When your blood vessel in the brain ruptures, it will cause bleeding throughout your cranial tissues. Approximately 13% of Americans have a brain bleed every year. Dr. Wiles at Parkridge Medical Center explains that brain bleeds can occur in several different locations, including the aforesaid. Your physician can help you identify these areas and start treatment right away. You should call 911 and have an emergency room visit as soon as possible.

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Some other causes of a brain bleed include alcohol abuse, smoking, and use of illicit drugs like cocaine. Certain prescription drugs can also increase your risk of brain hemorrhage. The symptoms of brain hemorrhage vary depending on the type of blood vessel damage, where it's located, and how much of the brain tissue has been affected. They may come on suddenly or over a period of time and overlap with other conditions. If you think you may be suffering from a brain bleed, contact a local brain injury attorney.

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Several tests are performed to diagnose a brain bleed. CT scan is the most common test. This is a noninvasive X-ray that allows doctors to see the location of the blood vessel that has burst. Angiography, on the other hand, is an invasive procedure that involves inserting a catheter into an artery. During the procedure, a contrast dye is injected into the bloodstream. The X-rays take the color of the blood and help determine if a bleeding artery is the source of the brain bleed.

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