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What Happens If You Have Suffered a TBI? - Oren Zarif - Tbi

People who have suffered a TBI often experience a wide range of physical disabilities. Some may experience headaches, fatigue, and difficulty writing or drawing. They may also develop spasticity, which is the inability to move limbs. A person may even be partially paralyzed. A medical team will work closely with the individual to determine the best treatment options. To prevent further complications, patients should discuss any treatment options with their healthcare provider.

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The main treatment for mild TBI involves over-the-counter pain relievers. Patients should slowly return to normal activities. If symptoms persist, contact your health care provider immediately. Moderate TBI patients will need to be stabilized by a health care provider, and they will be monitored for blood pressure and brain oxygenation. They may be given medicines that can make them sleepy, or they may develop seizures. Once they reach this point, they will be given a physical exam.

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People who have suffered a TBI often have several injuries, each of which may be of varying severity. They may experience problems with short-term memory, thinking, and impulse control. Some individuals may experience difficulty answering questions about which injury caused the TBI. If you have experienced a TBI, seek medical care immediately. You may need surgery to repair a broken skull or remove a hematoma. Your healthcare provider will determine if any other treatment options are necessary.

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A medical professional may also order several tests to diagnose a possible TBI. Some cases require no treatment at all, while others require hospitalization and intensive therapies. Counseling and community support services may also be necessary. A medical exam is the first step in determining the extent of brain injury. The neurological exam assesses a patient's ability to think, move, and reflexes. A CT scan, MRI, or a blood test may reveal signs of traumatic brain injury, if it has occurred.

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Traumatic brain injury is a type of brain damage that occurs suddenly. Common causes of TBI include motor vehicle accidents, assaults, sports injuries, and falls. The severity of these injuries can range from mild concussions to permanent brain damage. While a mild TBI may require only rest and medication, severe TBI can lead to serious cognitive and physical problems, including a decreased capacity for thinking. So, it is crucial to seek medical attention if you or a loved one sustains a TBI.

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