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What Are the Symptoms of a Concussion? - Oren Zarif - concussion

If you have sustained a concussion in school, you should not return to class until you have felt better. Talk with your doctor and school team to figure out a plan of treatment. Your recovery plan may involve taking a day off or lightening your workload. You also should not perform strenuous activities or excessive screen time until your symptoms subside. You should also avoid doing any activities that may cause another head injury, including sports. During this time, you should get plenty of rest, get plenty of sleep, and keep a regular schedule.

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To determine whether a person has sustained a concussion, a physician must determine the cause of the injury. In most cases, brain imaging studies will not show significant changes. Furthermore, neuroimaging tests such as CT scans expose the patient to unnecessary radiation. In addition, a concussion injury typically presents itself as a normal result of an accident. It is important to discuss the injury with your doctor and report any unusual symptoms or experiences.

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Currently, there is no single cause of concussion. The CDC reports that concussions occur in up to three million people each year. While falling is the leading cause of traumatic brain injury, sports also play a huge role in concussions. According to the CDC, up to 3.8 million sports-related concussions occur each year, but only a small portion are recognized by medical professionals.

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Symptoms of a concussion include impaired memory, judgment, reflexes, balance, and mood. In some cases, the concussion victim may experience a period of forgetfulness, be confused or dazed, or report seeing stars. Paramedics may ask questions such as name, age, and where the incident took place. If the symptoms last longer than expected, it could be due to more serious injuries.

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While symptoms of a concussion may appear immediately, in some cases, they can occur hours or even days after the injury. While a concussion is usually treatable, it is important to remember that it is always best to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Remember to bring someone with you to your doctor's office who can ask questions and make suggestions. You should also write down any new prescriptions and instructions your doctor gives you.

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After a concussion, your medical provider will most likely prescribe rest. Rest will help the brain recover and prevent it from experiencing symptoms again. You should limit physical activities and cognitive activities for the first few days, and gradually increase your activity level. If you can't stand the idea of resting for a long time, your doctor will likely prescribe medications that will help it "heal" faster. This may be a good alternative to resting for a long time.

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Depending on the severity of the concussion, you may be able to return to activity after a day or two. Grade 3 concussion, on the other hand, requires immediate medical attention. Your doctor will ask you questions about the circumstances surrounding the incident and conduct simple tests to evaluate your child's range of motion, concentration, and memory. You may also be asked to provide urine samples or a blood sample to determine the severity of your concussion.

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The impact of a blow to the head can cause microscopic damage to the brain. This damage may not be seen on a CT scan, but it can affect your vision. Your eyelids and brain may swell, and you could even have a skull fracture. If your concussion is severe, you may require a CT scan to rule out other causes. This will help you understand what exactly happened to your brain after the concussion.

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The most common way to suffer a concussion is to experience a sudden impact to the head. This can happen as a result of a collision or a whiplash-type injury. When you feel any of these symptoms, you should seek medical attention right away. Treatment for concussion may involve rest and pain medication. You may need to undergo tests, such as X-rays and other imaging methods, to ensure that you have not sustained a more serious brain injury.

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While most concussions will subside on their own, it's important to see a healthcare professional right away if you think you've suffered a concussion. The symptoms of a concussion may vary, some may appear immediately, while others may take hours or even days to manifest. You should never return to your sport after suffering a concussion, as repeated concussions increase the risk of permanent brain damage.

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