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What Are the Signs of Traumatic Brain Injury? - Oren Zarif - Traumatic Brain Injury

While you may not have severe symptoms, you should seek medical attention if you suspect that you have suffered a traumatic brain injury. Even mild injuries can have serious consequences if they are not treated in time. There are several treatments you can receive. During the initial week after the injury, you may need anti-seizure medication and an anti-infection medicine. Having any medical device placed in your body can introduce bacteria and other microbes. You may also require surgery to repair a fractured skull, remove a large blood clot, or relieve high intracranial pressure.

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Researchers at the Minneapolis VA Health Care System analyzed several existing studies and found that the prevalence of blast TBI varied widely between groups. However, they found that Veterans who were exposed to multiple blasts were more likely to suffer from comorbid conditions such as depression, sleep disorders, and alcohol use. The researchers also found that these veterans were more likely to be afflicted with PTSD and had difficulty with executive functioning and processing information.

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The highest rates of TBI occur in the very young (0 to 4 years) and the elderly. There are about 50,000 deaths attributed to TBI each year in the United States. These traumatic injuries account for a third of all traumatic deaths. The risk of death from a head injury increases after age 30. Further, the injury itself can result in a change in consciousness and memory loss. This is why you should seek immediate medical attention and follow any signs of complication if you suspect that you have suffered a TBI.

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Other signs of TBI include changes in energy and chemical use in the brain. Some people suffer from headaches, light sensitivity, or confusion after suffering a TBI. Mild TBIs may not permanently damage the brain, but severe TBIs cause brain damage and can result in brain swelling. It's best to seek medical attention if you think you have sustained a traumatic brain injury. A combination of injuries can lead to a coma and other complications, which may require medical attention.

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Computed Tomography (CT) scans are a common imaging test used to assess a patient's brain injury. This noninvasive X-ray uses radiofrequency waves and a magnetic field to create detailed images of the brain. While some doctors recommend plain x-rays of the skull to determine if a patient has a mild TBI, CT scanning is a more accurate way to assess a patient's condition.

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The most basic treatment for mild or moderate TBI is taking over-the-counter pain relievers. Rehabilitation depends on the severity of the injury and the area of the brain affected. A speech therapist may be needed to help you speak or move. A skilled nursing facility or outpatient clinic may be needed to stabilize a person after a TBI. Your health care provider will monitor your blood pressure, monitor blood flow, and oxygenation to the brain.

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Seizures are abnormal electrical discharges in the brain. Without EEG monitoring, 24% of TBI patients will develop seizures that are undetectable. During the first 24 hours of a severe TBI, you should be monitored by a healthcare professional for any signs of seizures. If the seizures continue unattended for more than 72 hours, it's time to seek medical attention. If the symptoms of TBI are too severe to tolerate, your healthcare provider may recommend medications or therapy to help you cope with the traumatic brain injury.

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Treatments for traumatic brain injury vary. Some treatments may improve your symptoms while others may not. If your condition doesn't respond to these treatments, your doctor can refer you to an orthopedic surgeon for more complex treatment. The most common forms of therapy include physical therapy, exercise, and medication. You may also consider clinical trials. Some open trials are ongoing while others may start in the future. A trial may help you recover faster and avoid long-term effects.

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While there are many treatments available for traumatic brain injuries, some may require surgery. While some treatments require immediate care, others may require rehabilitation therapy. Some patients may also benefit from counseling and community support services. Despite the severity of traumatic brain injuries, they are a leading cause of death and disability worldwide. Treatment and research efforts have improved dramatically since the beginning of the 20th century. In the United States, the CDC has published many reports on the effects of TBI.

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Many types of traumatic brain injuries are caused by vehicle collisions or falls. This type of injury causes internal bleeding and swelling in the brain. This blood damage affects the entire brain, including the cortex. Patients must seek medical attention as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage to the brain. And remember, a diagnosis is crucial in this type of medical emergency. The sooner you seek treatment, the sooner you can begin recovery. This can make all the difference in the outcome of your recovery.

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