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What Are the Effects of Frontal Lobe Damage? - Oren Zarif - Frontal Lobe Damage

Those who have suffered frontal lobe damage may have trouble understanding what is happening. Their brain damage may make them feel apathetic, lack initiative, and be easily exhausted. In some cases, they may exhibit aggressive behavior and display impulsivity. Although people who have suffered from frontal lobe damage may not realize that they need help or support, this brain damage may lead to other problems. It is important to understand the full effects of frontal lobe damage and the steps you can take to address these problems.

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Assessments for people with frontal lobe damage often involve tests of speech, memory, social behavior, and impulse control. A common test involves sorting cards by varying criteria. In some cases, individuals with frontal lobe damage may have difficulty with this task because they are not able to adjust to the new sorting criteria, and instead stick to the old criteria. During an assessment, your healthcare provider will determine which activities you can handle on your own.

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Some of the symptoms associated with frontal lobe damage may include irritability, aggressive behavior, and argumentative behavior. A patient who suffers from a frontal lobe injury may also exhibit signs of emotional incontinence. For example, Walker and Blummer found that patients with frontal lobe damage displayed abnormal sexual behavior in the orbital region, and reduced sexual interest in the dorsolateral region.

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The study also examined the impact of frontal lobe damage on multi-attribute decision-making. It sought to determine whether damage to the frontal lobe impacts the strategic phase of decision-making, which is characterized by the absence of uncertainty, risk, or learning. These results are consistent with previous findings that frontal lobe damage affects decision-making and behavior. The findings are encouraging, but further research is needed to make more accurate predictions.

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While frontal lobe injuries have been associated with impaired memory, studies have found that patients are also more likely to display a range of behavioral symptoms. For example, a person may be irritable, moody, and unable to regulate behavior in the absence of a logical explanation. A patient may also experience deficits in executive function, which includes anticipating, planning, initiation, monitoring, and error detection. This can lead to self-correction and a variety of other behavioral problems.

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Neuroimaging is important for establishing the morphological substrate of frontal lobe damage. A CT scan of the brain is more informative when it identifies a meningeal hematoma or post-traumatic conditions. A cerebral MRI can detect tumors and degenerative changes in the frontal lobe. Duplex imaging of cerebral vessels may reveal areas of chronic cerebral ischemia and blood flow disorder.

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During a stroke, bleeding or interruption of blood flow to the frontal lobe may result in frontal lobe damage. Diagnostic scans may reveal this type of stroke with the help of advanced technology. Computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging can help healthcare providers diagnose frontal lobe damage. These imaging tests produce 3-D images by comparing multiple X-rays. Some causes may appear on the scans as atrophy and others may show nothing at all.

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Because the frontal lobes are the last areas of the brain to mature, the brain may not be completely developed until the mid-30s. This brain region is crucial for movement and has areas specifically dedicated to it. Researchers have also mapped parts of the frontal lobes responsible for controlling movements. One example of a frontal lobe injury is Phineas Gage's railroad accident in 1848. The injury had a profound effect on Gage's personality.

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The cerebrum is the largest part of the brain. Its surface appears grayish in drawings, but is actually a beige color. It does not have wrinkles, but it does have crevices known as sulci. The cerebrum is divided into left and right hemispheres. The frontal lobes are located behind the forehead and are responsible for many important daily activities.

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Among the functions of the frontal lobes are executive functions. These functions include planning behavior in advance, meeting time constraints, and continuing an activity until completion. Damage to these areas of the brain is expected to result in impairments in the person's ability to plan, monitor, and execute novel behaviors. In some cases, damage to the frontal lobe may even impair their ability to learn new behaviors. But this is not a complete picture of the effect of frontal lobe damage.

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