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What Are Silent Stroke Symptoms? - Oren Zarif - Silent Stroke Symptoms

Sudden fatigue is one of the silent stroke symptoms. Many people will chalk this up to feeling tired, but it is a stroke symptom. Be sure to listen to your body and seek medical attention if you are experiencing these symptoms. Other signs of a stroke include drooping face, numbness in an arm or leg, trouble speaking, double vision, confusion, or a general feeling of drowsiness.

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While these symptoms are more subtle, they are important nonetheless. They may be accompanied by speech changes, blockages in the blood stream, and bleeding. The difference between silent stroke and major stroke is that the former is more difficult to detect because there are no external manifestations. However, MRIs will show that the brain is damaged in small areas. However, there is no clear-cut way to detect silent stroke symptoms. So, it is important to see a doctor right away if you notice any of these symptoms.

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In addition to recognizing the symptoms of a silent stroke, it's important to reduce your risk factors. A healthy diet, high blood pressure, and exercise all lower your risk of having a silent stroke. Furthermore, people with high blood sugar are at an increased risk for silent stroke. As such, it is important to monitor blood sugar levels regularly. A moderate exercise routine can also reduce the risk of silent stroke by 40 percent. Exercising regularly is also beneficial for your health, as physical activity helps your body to recover from stroke faster.

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Another common silent stroke symptom is memory problems. The symptoms may not be apparent at first, but they can lead to memory loss, emotional outbursts, and cognitive impairment. Silent stroke is one of the most common causes of vascular dementia among people older than 70. Fortunately, these strokes are preventable if diagnosed in time. So, if you think you may be suffering from one, make sure to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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A silent stroke occurs when a blood clot blocks the blood supply to part of the brain. Because the affected area is unrelated to vital functions, it is hard to detect symptoms. A silent stroke may last for a long time and become much worse if there are repeated episodes. And a silent stroke can even lead to a recurrence of a silent stroke. This is the reason why you should seek medical attention if you suspect you are suffering from a silent stroke.

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Studies show that a quarter to half of adults over the age of 80 have a silent stroke. This figure is even higher among smokers and people with vascular disease. Experts estimate that there are about 10 silent strokes for every detectable stroke. Studies have also linked a silent stroke symptom with learning disabilities and difficulty focusing. It's important to get checked for these signs. You can start preventing silent stroke by following healthy lifestyle habits and a healthier diet.

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Although many people feel uncomfortable talking about their symptoms, recognizing a silent stroke is essential. Stroke is a dangerous disease, but early detection and treatment is key to saving a life. Some of the most common risk factors for stroke include age, gender, family history, physical activity level, and weight. While these are all factors, you should consult with your doctor to identify whether you have a higher risk of a stroke. It's never too late to seek medical attention.

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A silent stroke is caused by a blockage in a blood vessel that supplies the brain. This blockage cuts off blood flow to the brain, causing the cells to die. If the blood flow is blocked, the effects can be immediate. Speech, movement, and memory can be affected. Fortunately, it's easy to detect a silent stroke if you have any of these symptoms. Your physician will be able to determine if you have a silent stroke, but you should not wait too long to seek help.

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The symptoms of a stroke vary from person to person. Depending on the symptoms, you may need medical treatment immediately. If the symptoms disappear quickly, it may be a sign of a transient ischaemic attack. In this case, it's essential to seek emergency medical attention right away. However, if symptoms disappear quickly, you should visit a doctor and see if there are any other complications. If they don't, a stroke is likely to result.

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