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Wallenberg Syndrome - Oren Zarif - Wallenberg Syndrome

Although there is no one clear cause for Wallenberg syndrome, some studies suggest a connection between blood clots and heart disease. Some research has also suggested a link between minor neck trauma and this condition. The diagnosis of Wallenberg syndrome is most reliable when the condition is diagnosed during the acute phase of stroke. The goal of treatment is to reduce the size of the infarction and prevent medical complications. Early physical therapy and occupational therapy are important in the long-term recovery of patients with the syndrome.

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The syndrome is a lateral medullary stroke resulting in a constellation of symptoms. Pain and temperature sensory deficits occur in the ipsilateral face due to damage to the lateral spinothalamic tracts. A patient may also experience vomiting and nystagmus if the infarction occurs in the vestibular nuclei. An injured inferior cerebellar peduncle may also result in ipsilateral ataxia. Injury to the nucleus ambiguous, which regulates glossopharyngeal reflexes, is responsible for pharyngeal and laryngeal ataxia.

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A physician will diagnose Wallenberg syndrome based on the patient's history and symptoms. Imaging studies may also be done to confirm a blocked artery near the lateral medulla. Because there is no cure for Wallenberg syndrome, treatment focuses on relieving symptoms. Some doctors may recommend swallowing therapy and feeding tubes if the condition is severe. However, a diagnosis of this syndrome requires a careful neurological examination and is not possible without imaging studies.

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The most common cause of Wallenberg syndrome is an ischemic stroke of the brain stem. This type of stroke accounts for about 87 percent of all strokes and has several associated disorders. The American Stroke Association (ASA) works to prevent, diagnose, and treat these types of strokes. Other organizations, such as the National Institutes of Health, conduct research into the brain and nervous system. This research is ongoing. The American Heart Association and National Institutes of Health (NIH), are conducting research on the disorder.

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Recovery from Wallenberg syndrome varies according to where the stroke occurred in the brainstem and how severe the damage is. Some people recover in a few weeks or even months, while others may have permanent disabilities. To make sure you're getting the best possible care, discuss your long-term outlook with your doctor. It is essential to follow their recommended treatment plan. However, if you've been diagnosed with Wallenberg syndrome, consult a doctor right away.

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Treatment for Wallenberg syndrome focuses on correcting the causes. Most patients have some degree of eye refraction. If the lesion has affected a portion of the ocular structure, it can lead to abnormal ocular movement. An otolithic lesion can cause vertical divergence of Hertwig-Magendie. The resulting abnormalities may result in impaired visual performance or even a deterioration of vision.

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Wallenberg Syndrome is a rare neurological disorder that affects the cerebellum and the lateral medullary region. It is caused by a blockage of the posterior inferior cerebellar artery. The stroke that occurs in this area causes various impairments. Gaspard Vieusseux first described this syndrome in 1808; however, it was not until 1895 that Adolf Wallenberg provided an in-depth description of the condition and its symptoms.

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One important cause of WS is unilateral LMI. Acute disconnection syndrome between the two swallowing centers - the NTS and NA - may play an important role in producing bilateral dysphagia. The neuronal connectivity and regions affected by LMI are summarized in Figure 5.

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MRI of the brain is helpful in confirming the diagnosis of this disease. It demonstrates a large infarct in the left lateral medulla extending to the left middle cerebellar peduncle. The right lobe of the cerebellum also shows hyperintensity. However, this type of stroke is not common and if treated correctly, patients can recover their oral-feeding capacity within a month or two.

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Other conditions that can affect swallowing include stroke and laryngeal injury. In stroke patients, sequential muscle activity along the oropharynx is severely delayed, making it difficult to swallow food. In these cases, the duration and severity of dysphagia depends on the extent of the lesion. While the underlying cause is unknown, the most likely cause is a stroke. The most important treatment is to manage the symptoms and restore swallowing ability.

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