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Traumatic Brain Injury - Oren Zarif - Brain Damage

Traumatic brain injury usually occurs when the body or head experiences a blow that causes brain damage. The extent of damage depends on the type of injury and the force of impact. Young children and older adults commonly sustain traumatic brain injury from falls. Vehicle-related collisions and violent assaults are other common causes of brain damage. Infants may suffer traumatic brain injury through shaken baby syndrome. Emergency care is available to help protect the brain from further damage.

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Several types of brain injury can affect a person's ability to function, including concussion. A concussion is caused by a blow to the head, while a contusion results from bleeding in the brain. In severe cases, the brain can be damaged by prolonged alcohol or drug use. In some cases, alcohol or drug use can lead to insidious brain injury, as well. In severe cases, a blood clot or bleed inside the brain can cause damage to nearby tissues and organs.

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Although there are a number of possible causes for brain damage, it is generally referred to as injury. It can occur due to a range of conditions, such as a stroke or a tumor. Almost 2.6 million Americans experience some form of brain injury each year, and nearly 50,000 people die each year. Medical costs of brain injuries are estimated to be between $48 billion and $60 billion annually. While not all types of brain injury are equal, some injuries will result in permanent damage to the brain.

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Whether the brain injury is acquired or traumatic, the treatment should focus on the individual's abilities. The goal of brain injury rehabilitation is to help patients return to the highest level of function possible, and to improve their quality of life. A patient should be aware of the limitations that may be associated with brain damage, and a physician can help them identify a realistic course of treatment. The patient can also ask a medical professional for a referral to a support group in their area.

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Traumatic brain injury may also cause emotional changes. The brain may be damaged and suffer from decreased blood flow. This can cause a variety of problems, including amnesia (a lack of understanding of words), and apraxia, or motor disorder. Left-brain damage is especially susceptible to these issues. Headaches and dizziness may also occur. Once these symptoms occur, the person should seek medical care as soon as possible. However, if they do experience symptoms, counseling may help them cope with them.

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Secondary brain injury results from an inflammatory response to a primary injury. Inflammation increases the amount of brain tissue, causing a swelling of the brain. The swelling will add to the pressure within the head, causing injuries to parts of the brain that were not directly injured. The swelling may occur slowly over the course of five days, but it can still occur. There are many complications related to secondary brain injuries, and it is vital to seek treatment for the condition as soon as possible.

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Traumatic brain injury may be a result of a physical or psychological assault. It can be caused by a blunt object that breaks through the skull. While the impact of a traumatic brain injury may be severe, it will usually heal over time with appropriate therapy. However, if the brain damage is severe, recovery may take years. Whether it's caused by a car accident, a fall, treatment for brain damage can help patients overcome the effects of the trauma.

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Surgery is sometimes necessary to stabilize the brain. Surgical procedures may be performed to relieve the pressure inside the skull and improve blood flow to brain cells. Surgery may also be necessary to correct a fractured skull and remove blood clots that have formed inside it. Rehabilitation may begin immediately after the accident, although some people may require rehabilitation for weeks or months. These procedures will depend on the severity of the head injury. So, it is important to get medical attention right away to ensure the best possible outcome for your loved one.

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Another type of brain injury is called diffuse axonal injury. The symptoms of this type of injury include bruised tissue on the surface of the brain and blood in the area of the brain. The brain is made of white matter that connects nerve cells throughout the body. The injury to these nerve fibers causes significant changes in wakefulness and activity. While the damage varies greatly from one injury to another, brain injuries are usually not permanent. Fortunately, treatment is available for most brain injuries.

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