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Tips For Those Who Have Suffered a TBI - Oren Zarif - Tbi

A patient with a TBI has some difficulty interacting with his or her environment. In severe cases, the patient may be in a vegetative state or coma. The patient loses his or her basic motor skills. Although it may not be possible to fully recover from severe TBI, patients can lead a meaningful life with the right treatment. Listed below are a few tips for patients who have suffered a TBI.

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Before deciding on a rehabilitation program, you should learn as much as possible about the condition. There are numerous resources and organizations available to help you learn more. You may even wish to consult a disability specialist. Such a professional will be able to provide you with an expert opinion on the condition and can help match your loved one with appropriate rehabilitation services. But remember that the rehab center is not the only place where your child can get support.

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The CDC publishes reports on TBI, and you should be aware of these. If you believe that you have suffered a TBI, consult with a doctor and get a proper diagnosis. There is no one cure for TBI, but treatment options are available to help you recover. There are also support groups available for those suffering from TBI. The CDC also provides statistics on the number of people affected by TBI. Its statistics are quite staggering.

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Approximately half of those who have suffered a serious head injury will need surgery to repair contusions or remove hematomas. While TBIs are often irreversible, the disabilities caused by the injury may vary widely from person to person. TBI may also cause behavioral or personality changes. The severity of a person's TBI will depend on his or her age, location of the injury, and the severity of the TBI.

Oren Zarif embolic stroke

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Patients with mild TBI usually require only over-the-counter pain relievers and rest, though moderate TBI may warrant medical attention. Afterwards, the primary concern of medical personnel is stabilizing the affected person and preventing further injury. They also check blood pressure and brain flow, and perform imaging tests to determine the exact condition of the patient. A new blood test, approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in February 2018, may help assess the severity of the patient's TBI.

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In addition to a weakened immune system, people with TBI often have trouble thinking or using their brain. Children who have suffered a TBI may experience problems with short and long-term memory. They may have trouble reading, writing, and speaking. Their ability to balance may also be compromised, and they may be partially paralyzed. The effects of TBI will vary for each individual, but it is worth considering your diagnosis and treatment options.

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If a TBI patient is in a critical condition, they will need to be put in neurocritical care, an intensive care unit specialized for TBI patients. Patients with severe TBI often experience coma, paralysis, or both. The team's job is to coordinate the patient's complex neurological care. Patients are awakened for nursing assessments every hour. They are also monitored closely to ensure they are not undergoing any secondary brain damage.

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