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The Warning Signs and Symptoms of a Silent Stroke - Oren Zarif - Silent Stroke Symptoms

A silent stroke is a type of brain stroke that most people do not experience any warning signs or symptoms of. These strokes cause permanent damage and the effects of a silent stroke can be progressive and increase over time. If you have one of these strokes, there are ways to recognize the warning signs and get immediate treatment. This article will explore some of these warning signs, as well as what you can do to protect yourself. The effects of a silent stroke can be devastating.

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The first silent stroke symptom is a sudden, unexplained loss of vision. Unlike other stroke symptoms, silent strokes typically affect only a small area of the brain. Because of the cumulative nature of silent stroke damage, a person suffering from a silent stroke will experience symptoms after several of them, including memory loss, cognitive impairment, and difficulty with concentrating. In addition to this, a silent stroke victim may experience other difficulties with learning and concentration.

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While the majority of strokes are caused by a clot or a blocked blood vessel in the brain, a silent stroke occurs without symptoms. The brain cells die due to a lack of blood and oxygen. Because most people do not notice these symptoms, a silent stroke can go unnoticed by the victim. A CT scan can detect small brain injuries and the signs and symptoms of a silent stroke may be subtle and nonexistent.

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Another common symptom of a silent stroke is difficulty speaking. You may be unable to repeat words, or have difficulty understanding others. When you notice these symptoms, you should contact emergency medical services immediately and have the person checked by a physician. A stroke is not a laughing matter, and you should never ignore the warning signs. If you suspect a silent stroke, the best thing to do is call an ambulance. There is a risk of long-term complications if the stroke is not diagnosed and treated early.

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Other causes of silent stroke include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and atrial fibrillation. High blood sugar levels are also a contributing factor, as it can narrow the arteries and cause a stroke. Quitting smoking is another way to reduce your risk of stroke. It is important to be aware of your silent stroke symptoms, and to get screened if you have any of these. This simple test is free and painless.

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Another symptom of a silent stroke is cognitive impairment. This type of stroke often lasts a long time and does not present obvious symptoms. It may also be a precursor to a more serious brain stroke later in life. While healthy parts of the brain may be able to compensate for the damaged areas, a recurrent silent stroke may diminish this ability. Consequently, it is important to seek medical attention if you suspect you have a silent stroke.

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A silent stroke symptom can be sudden, overwhelming fatigue. You might not be aware that you are experiencing these symptoms, or may chalk them up to being just tired. But you should listen to your body when it tells you to stop and rest. Another common silent stroke symptom is tremors. Tremors are a type of uncontrollable shaking of a part of the body. Unlike ischemic stroke, a silent stroke symptoms cannot be easily diagnosed without medical help.

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Some of these stroke symptoms can also be normal signs of aging. If you're experiencing any of these symptoms, it's best to contact a doctor and discuss your options with them. Moreover, women are more likely to suffer silent strokes than men. However, they still have a greater risk of having a stroke than men. Discuss these with your doctor to determine if you have any additional risk factors. The symptoms of a silent stroke can be a warning sign of a more serious condition.

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A silent stroke occurs when a blood vessel supplying the brain becomes blocked. Fatty deposits form blood clots and obstruct the flow of blood. This causes brain cells to die and prevent the brain from receiving the oxygen and nutrients it needs to survive. The brain becomes damaged, and silent stroke symptoms do not always reveal themselves right away. But it is crucial to monitor any symptoms to prevent the onset of a stroke. You may never know when you've had one.

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The symptoms of a stroke vary from person to person, and they may include numbness in one or both eyes, weakness in one eye, or loss of vision in one or both eyes. However, the symptoms of a stroke can come and go quickly, but it's imperative that you get immediate medical attention. In fact, if the symptoms don't go away on their own, it's time to seek emergency medical attention.

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