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The Treatment of Anoxic Brain Injury - Oren Zarif - Anoxic Brain Injury

The treatment of anoxic brain injury is a multifaceted process that begins with thorough history-taking. Because patients with anoxic brain injury are usually unresponsive on presentation, family members and individuals who resuscitated them may be the most helpful sources of information. Similarly, the outpatient care provider may have witnessed the occurrence of the condition. In order to determine the exact nature of the anoxic brain injury, a full understanding of the baseline neurologic status is required. It is important to document the duration of CPR, as well as any prodromal symptoms.

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Brain scans can provide the first clues about the extent of brain damage and swelling. They can also predict whether neurological disability will result from the anoxic brain injury. However, this type of scan may reveal little or no damage in some patients. This is due to the nature of the anoxic brain injury and the amount of time between the anoxic episode and the scan. Nevertheless, a CT scan is a valuable tool in evaluating a potential anoxic brain injury.

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After confirming the diagnosis, physicians will work to treat the cause of anoxic brain injury. In some cases, lack of oxygen is caused by other medical conditions such as heart arrhythmia, stroke, or premature birth. Treatment will include steps to stabilize the heart rhythm. Despite the severity of the condition, doctors will work to stop further brain damage. They will also keep the patient cool, as the brain can become extremely hot during prolonged periods of anoxic brain damage.

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Rehabilitation for people with cerebral anoxia is similar to that for other types of acquired brain injury. Using an integrated team of specialists will allow patients to find the best solution to their problems. While the outlook for cerebral anoxia is unclear, it is good to note that the patient's improvement within the first month after anoxic brain injury suggests a positive outcome. If the patient is able to regain cognitive and speech skills, rehabilitation can proceed.

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In severe cases, anoxic brain injury can lead to symptoms such as a lack of coordination, an inability to focus, and short-term memory loss. In children, the symptoms can include trembling, involuntary movements, and a change in personality. In adults, symptoms of anoxic brain damage include confusion, hallucinations, and personality changes. This condition can even lead to paranoia.

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In severe cases of cerebral anoxia, there may be permanent effects, but the chances of recovery are higher for those with mild anoxic brain injury. Although recovery may take months or even years, these patients can usually return to their normal level of functioning and lead a relatively normal life. It is important to note, however, that the prognosis for anoxic brain injury varies from one individual to another and from one area of the brain to another.

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If your anoxic brain injury was the result of someone else's negligence, you may be able to file a lawsuit. A personal injury attorney can uncover signs of negligence and pursue damages from the responsible party. They can also help you recover compensation for your injuries, including any future medical care and lost wages. If you think you are eligible for compensation, call Scott Blair's office to schedule a free consultation. If you have suffered from anoxic brain injury and you would like to take legal action, a Seattle attorney can help you pursue compensation.

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Anoxic brain injury may result from a variety of sources, including anesthesia errors, surgical errors, and birth injuries. When the blood supply to the brain is deprived for more than four minutes, brain cells begin to die. In some cases, the brain does not recover, and the patient suffers from long-term cognitive and physical disabilities. Because every case of hypoxic or anoxic brain injury is different, the symptoms will vary.

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If the person has been experiencing a prolonged period of anoxic brain injury, the body's response may alert the injured person. Increased blood flow will provide oxygen to the brain, which may be in need of immediate medical attention. However, the body may experience delayed symptoms and a lack of consciousness. If the victim develops any of these symptoms, the person should contact a doctor immediately. A prompt medical examination may save his or her life.

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Anoxic brain injury may be the result of a number of different situations. The most common one is a stroke, although any incident that disrupts blood flow to the brain can lead to anoxia as well. Hypoxia can also result from drowning or choking, as well as a drop in blood pressure. In severe cases, anoxia can result from any incident that prevents oxygen from reaching the brain.

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