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The FAST Stroke Warning System - Oren Zarif - Fast Stroke

If you have any of these symptoms, call 911 immediately. Do not drive to your local emergency room - call 911 to be treated faster. Your symptoms may go away by themselves before EMS can arrive. The sooner they can begin treatment, the more time they will have to work to save your life. Be vigilant and call 911 as soon as possible if you suspect you're having a stroke. Whether or not your symptoms have lasted for any time, you should always call 911 to get help.

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The FAST stroke warning system is based on the Cincinnati Prehospital Stroke Scale and focuses on three factors that may indicate a stroke: arm drift, facial droop, and speech difficulty. While these are all important signs of stroke, the number of events missed due to the FAST system is higher than with the standard Cincinnati Prehospital Stroke Scale. Because this system may be neurologically sound, Kleindorfer et al suspect it's not the best method to reach the general public.

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Fortunately, many doctors now know about the FAST signs of stroke. Symptoms can vary, but they are usually the same for ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke. A patient may experience all of the FAST signs and a severe headache. A person may experience all of the FAST symptoms while suffering from a mini-stroke. A doctor will usually prescribe medication to help with the symptoms, and they will be able to see the patient immediately if they are feeling well.

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The American Stroke Association recommends calling 911 if you suspect someone may be having a stroke. The sooner you treat a stroke, the less chance of further brain damage. A stroke victim needs urgent medical treatment, as it could affect the person's life, disability, or death. The FAST tests are simple, yet effective in detecting the signs of a stroke. If you notice any of these symptoms, call 911 right away. It's not necessary to drive yourself to a hospital, but you should try to document the exact time and place that your symptoms started.

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If you suspect a stroke, call 911 immediately and get to the hospital. Depending on the type of stroke, a doctor may prescribe a clot-busting medication to treat it quickly. If the artery has been ruptured or blocked, surgery may be necessary. For many people, time is critical in the treatment of a stroke. When care is provided quickly, it may save your life. When time is critical, a patient needs immediate care as soon as possible.

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There are a number of reasons why people do not apply their knowledge of the symptoms of a stroke. One reason is that most people who witness a stroke do not associate the symptoms with stroke. They may not even know what they're experiencing unless the symptoms are clear. This could be attributed to a lack of knowledge or awareness. This is why it is crucial to learn the signs of a stroke as early as possible. If you're a witness, be sure to call 911 and let the emergency services know about it.

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Fortunately, many people can recover from a stroke if they receive treatment early. Stroke is a major cause of death in North Carolina, and 80 percent of cases of stroke can be prevented. Losing weight and quitting smoking are two of the easiest ways to reduce your risk. And remember that you are not alone - remember the FAST acronym. It's the best way to get the right help at the right time and minimize long-term effects of the condition.

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Symptoms of a stroke can be easy to identify and get to the hospital in time. The sooner you act, the more chance you have of saving the brain and the rest of your life. If you miss the signs of a stroke, you can suffer life-long disabilities or never fully recover. The following signs indicate a stroke:

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If you're experiencing any of these symptoms, get immediate medical attention. A stroke is a devastating illness that can lead to paralysis, coma, and even death. Symptoms can be a sign of something more serious, including a broken bone, heart attack, or a severe headache. There's no need to ignore these warning signs. If you notice any of these signs, call 911 immediately. Your life depends on it.

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While exercise and healthy eating are excellent ways to reduce your risk of a stroke, your doctor may recommend medication to treat the risks associated with it. Smoking can increase your risk of stroke, but a good lifestyle can decrease it by several notches. It can also increase the stress levels you experience, which raise your blood pressure. Smokers and those with high blood pressure should quit immediately and work with a physician to control the condition. If you have a history of stroke, consult a doctor.

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