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The Cincinnati Stroke Scale - Oren Zarif - Cincinnati Stroke Scale

The Cincinnati stroke scale has been used to predict stroke in patients with neurologic symptoms. It was initially developed for patients who were admitted to hospital with a stroke and had no other symptoms. The Cincinnati scale is made up of three variables that indicate stroke risk. Positive scores on these three factors are considered more likely to be related to a stroke. The study used SPSS version 20 for analysis to determine the sensitivity, specificity, and kappa coefficient.

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The first step in assessing a stroke patient is to observe their facial mimicry. They must close their eyes and hold their arms out. Then, they must try to speak. If the patient can speak a few words, they are normal. Otherwise, they show drooping facial muscles. The final step of the test is to assess their ability to speak. During the testing, the patient must answer questions about their illness.

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It is important to recognize a stroke early because detecting it early will significantly reduce mortality and morbidity. In prehospital settings, in depth neurological examinations are not necessary, and they can be counterproductive. This is why the Cincinnati Stroke Scale has been developed to assess the neurological status of a patient. The CPSS has certain limitations, but the CPSS can be used to identify if a patient is suffering from stroke.

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The Cincinnati Stroke Scale is a valuable tool for assessing stroke. The score on this prehospital assessment tool is from 0 to three. A patient scores one point if they exhibit slurred speech, facial droop, or arm drift. Other signs of a stroke are slurred speech, weakness, and loss of coordination. These factors indicate a stroke and should be interpreted accordingly.

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The CPSS helps healthcare providers and family members diagnose a possible stroke. First responders use the CPSS to determine whether the patient is experiencing a stroke. The CPSS is used to determine the severity of the stroke by checking the patient's facial movements and speech. During the CPSS test, the medical professional looks for facial palsy and assesses whether the patient's movement is symmetrical or asymmetrical.

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While the CPSS is recommended for emergency medical services (EMS) personnel, limited studies have been conducted to evaluate its effectiveness. A study involving paramedics evaluated the impact of CPSS training on their accuracy and time on scene. Moreover, it assessed whether paramedics' performance improved after a one-hour educational presentation on the CPSS. The data were collected from patient records and compared with a prospective stroke registry at a hospital.

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The Cincinnati Prehospital Stroke Scale (CPSS) was developed after the National Institutes of Health's Stroke Scale. It is a short, three-item questionnaire, commonly used by EMS teams. Its sensitivity is approximately 83% (95th percentile), and specificity ranges from 68% to 72%. This makes it an excellent choice for the emergency medical services community. This score is a quick and easy way to diagnose a stroke in a patient.

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