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Symptoms of Thalamic Stroke - Oren Zarif - Thalamic Stroke

The increased recognition of dominant hemispheric stroke has led to an increase in thalamic stroke admissions. The symptoms of this disorder are more recognizable in patients and next of kin than in those with right hemispheric strokes. The asymmetric structure-function relationship of the thalamus is particularly important in language, memory, and visuo-spatial neurocognitive functions.

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The thalamus is a central part of the brain that relays sensory and motor information to the cerebral cortex. Damage to the anterior nucleus of the thalamus will result in neuropsychological disorders. Early involvement may manifest as confusion, agitation, and aggression. Other symptoms include decreased responsiveness and impaired memory. After the onset of neurological symptoms, the brain will respond to rehabilitation. The recovery process will depend on the intensity of rehabilitation.

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Neuropsychological studies of thalamic lesions show consistent losses in familiarity and recollection. However, assessing the extent of the damage depends on the precise reconstruction of the lesion location. In a study of left hemisphere thalamic strokes, patients had consistent loss of recollection. In contrast, people who experienced MD did not experience significant loss in familiarity. Hence, patients with thalamic lesions may have a different pattern of symptoms.

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Although the symptoms of thalamic stroke cannot be classified into one type, they are characterized by several topographic patterns. Each of these patterns has a unique etiology and manifestation. For example, patients with right thalamic stroke may experience excessive sleepiness and anosognosia. Moreover, patients suffering from ipsilateral thalamic stroke may develop contralateral facial paralysis or hemi-ataxia.

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Neuropsychological deficits of patients with left thalamic lesions vary. Patients may display fluctuating levels of consciousness, lack of insight or spontaneity, and impairments in recent memory and new learning. Patients with left thalamic lesions may exhibit signs of paraphasic speech and persistent clinging to semantic categories. Another characteristic of patients with left thalamic lesions is the presence of hypocalcemia.

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While a patient's movement may be affected by thalamic stroke, some neurological signs and symptoms are not immediately obvious. Typical symptoms include sensory loss and ataxia. Some patients may also suffer from thalamic hand syndrome, which is caused by lesions of the inferolateral artery. When assessing the symptoms of a thalamic stroke, it is important to understand the extent of damage done.

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Researchers have examined the causes, symptoms, and prognosis of thalamic stroke. Some of the most notable studies of this neurological disorder have investigated the etiology and white matter changes associated with thalamic infarction. Powell and Hughes have analyzed the anatomy and function of the thalamus. Despite the high incidence of thalamic infarct, thalamic stroke is not a common form of stroke.

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The severity of symptoms associated with thalamic infarcts depends on the location and size of the hematoma. The patient's level of consciousness at the time of the stroke is an important factor. The patient's motor abilities and the presence of hydrocephalus are also important indicators of prognosis. While there are no definitive causes of thalamic infarct, there are a few factors that are predictive of the outcome.

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Post-thalamic lesions may occur in any of the thalamic regions. Most commonly, the thalamic nucleus and posterolateral thalamus are involved. Dystonia and chorea most commonly affect this region. Ultimately, the thalamic lesion must be identified and treated to prevent further complications. The optimal treatment for thalamic stroke requires the evaluation of a variety of patients.

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