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Symptoms of Sunstroke and Heatstroke - Oren Zarif - Sun Stroke

The primary signs of sunstroke are an elevated body temperature and mental changes ranging from confusion to coma. The skin may be dry or hot, though heatstroke caused by exertion may be moist. Symptoms of sunstroke vary according to individual severity, but treatment usually involves removing the person's clothing and cooling him or her down with cool water or fans. If the person continues to show signs of sunstroke or develops serious blisters, medical attention is needed.

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Heatstroke, also known as sunstroke, is the most dangerous of the four types of heat illness. Heat stroke occurs when the body temperature rises above 105 degrees. People at risk for heat stroke include the elderly, young children, those who work outdoors, and those with certain medical conditions or poor circulation. People who drink alcohol should seek medical attention if they begin to experience symptoms of heat stroke. The symptoms of heatstroke are similar to those of heat exhaustion, but require urgent medical attention.

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Symptoms of sunstroke include a high temperature of more than 102oF, dizziness, confusion, and seizures. Additionally, people with diabetes are more likely to develop this condition than others. People with diabetes should consult with their doctor before exposing themselves to prolonged or extreme heat. When outdoors, they should wear lightweight clothing, a wide-brimmed hat, and sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. When exposing themselves to extreme heat, they should also avoid consuming alcohol and should wear protective clothing.

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When it comes to preventing sunstroke, the most effective precautions are to stay hydrated and limit their time in the sun. This can help prevent heat-related illnesses, such as sunstroke and heat exhaustion. People with certain health conditions or medications are also at increased risk for this condition. It is imperative to take precautions and keep cool in order to avoid suffering from sunstroke. In addition to avoiding excessive exposure to heat, the symptoms of heatstroke may be non-specific, such as fatigue, fever, or difficulty breathing.

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Heat stroke can be fatal, if left untreated. The temperature of a person's core can rise to over 106degF in just ten to fifteen minutes. Immediately seek medical treatment for heat stroke, unless it is an accident. If you suspect a victim is suffering from heatstroke, move the person to shade, remove excess clothing, and use cooling methods to lower the body temperature. Once recovered, you should seek a doctor's advice before heavy exercise or returning to normal activities.

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Aside from symptoms, heatstroke can also be fatal if left untreated. Proper treatment can help prevent further damage, but it is crucial to seek medical help right away. Taking precautions and planning ahead can help you avoid sunstroke and its complications. The symptoms of heatstroke can be similar to those of heat exhaustion, so make sure to stay in a cool, shaded area if you suspect you may be suffering from heatstroke.

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When heat is too much, the body's temperature regulation center in the brain fails to properly function. The longer you delay treatment, the higher your risk of serious complications and death. Sunstroke is often caused by excessive exposure to hot, humid weather. The longer you delay treatment, the higher your risk of developing serious complications, such as brain damage or coma. The more time the body has to cool down, the higher the risk of a serious health problem, including sunstroke.

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Heatstroke, also known as heat exhaustion, is the most serious of heat-related illnesses. It is caused by an elevated body temperature and is potentially life-threatening. A person's internal temperature can reach 104 degrees Fahrenheit. It can cause organ failure, shock, and can even kill if left untreated. The symptoms of heat exhaustion can occur quickly or over a period of days. The symptoms of heat exhaustion include excessive thirst, headache, muscle cramps, nausea, vomiting, and a lack of salt.

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The best way to prevent sunstroke is to wear loose-fitting clothing in cool weather. Light colored clothing allows the skin to breathe and evaporation to occur. Protective clothing is also essential - wearing a hat and loose-fitting cotton clothing will help protect you from the harmful UV rays. Avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine, as well as other substances that may cause heatstroke. In hot weather, use an air conditioner whenever possible.

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For moderate heat stroke, an IV can be used to replace lost fluids. More severe dehydration should be treated by a medical professional. In the meantime, drink plenty of water, avoid strenuous physical activity, and plan outdoor activities during cooler weather. You may want to try an oral rehydration sports drink. In addition, juiced Raihan leaves may also be a useful treatment. It can be a valuable home remedy for heat stroke.

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