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Symptoms of Post Concussion Syndrome - Oren Zarif - Post Concussion Syndrome

A recent study examined the symptoms of post concussion syndrome in 163 people. The study determined that one or more of the three symptoms may be indicative of the disorder. At an initial evaluation, cognitive, visual, vestibular, and cervical clinical testing were performed. Delay in clearance to resume normal activities was determined based on the average time to recover from an episode. Eighty percent of patients were considered delayed in clearing to return to normal activity, according to the study.

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For research to be successful, large multidimensional prospective longitudinal studies are necessary. These studies are required to obtain multiple levels of measurement and allow stratified subgroup analysis. Early identification of the symptoms may help to improve patient care. Furthermore, improved designs should include control groups, as well as variables such as injury severity, frequency, intensity, and fluctuation. Further, these studies should evaluate the impact of a standardized protocol for the evaluation and treatment of mTBI.

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While most of the symptoms of postconcussion syndrome are similar to those of depression, anxiety, and post traumatic stress disorder, some patients experience persistent symptoms. These symptoms may be the result of both the physical and psychological effects of the brain trauma. However, there are certain factors that increase the risk of reoccurring symptoms, such as malingering, a traumatic event, or poor social support. Ultimately, treatment for post concussion syndrome must address both the somatic and psychological components of the disorder.

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Symptoms of post concussion syndrome vary from person to person, and a doctor should conduct a thorough evaluation to determine if the syndrome is present. Typical symptoms include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and fatigue. The symptoms should go away within a week or two after the head injury. If they persist, however, they may signal a more serious problem. Further, some patients experience memory problems, which may require a visit to a psychologist.

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Other common symptoms of post concussion syndrome include headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and difficulty paying attention. Headaches can exacerbate symptoms, including difficulties sleeping or coordinating movements. The ability to concentrate and remember information is impaired, while difficulty with cognitive functions such as math can also result in cognitive deficits. Symptoms of post concussion syndrome are often difficult to pinpoint, and the condition is exacerbated by high levels of stress.

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The chances of developing post-concussion syndrome depend on the severity of the injury and the number of symptoms. There is no specific correlation between severity and frequency, and symptoms can be present after a light bump or a severe blow to the head. In addition, certain conditions, such as learning disabilities or emotional problems, increase the risk of developing post concussion syndrome. If any of these symptoms is persistent, it is imperative to seek appropriate treatment.

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The duration of post-concussion syndrome is variable and may require adjustment of daily activities and lifestyles. While many individuals recover completely, some symptoms may remain for weeks or months after the initial incident. Treatment may involve education, psychological therapy, and medications. If left untreated, PCS can persist for months or even years. However, unlike chronic or degenerative disorders, the symptoms of post-concussion syndrome can be treated and improved over time.

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Although there are different methods of describing post-concussion symptoms, it is important to note that these assessments often result in under or overestimation of the symptoms. Additionally, it is important to consider that questionnaires are not as reliable as neuropsychological tests when diagnosing post-concussion syndrome. Ideally, patients would be evaluated by a trained professional for a thorough evaluation. However, most questionnaires are designed for patients with severe deficits, and a refined neuropsychological test might be more helpful.

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While the prevalence rates of post-concussion symptoms vary, they vary from eleven to eighty percent. However, the complexity of the syndrome and complex interplay between these factors limit progress in understanding the condition. Future directions for the field of post-concussion syndrome include identification of the mechanisms of the disease, comprehensive multidisciplinary assessment, and improved imaging techniques. If the latter occurs, the symptoms will be more readily identified and treated.

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