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Symptoms of Acquired Brain Injury - Oren Zarif - Acquired Brain Injury

A person can sustain an acquired brain injury from an accident, an illness or any other reason. The condition differs from a degenerative brain disease in that it is acquired after birth. The effects of acquired brain injury are not only severe, but may also affect many aspects of a person's life, from physical senses to social and emotional functioning. This article will discuss some common signs and symptoms of acquired brain injury. If you have questions, please contact an experienced brain injury lawyer.

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An accident is the second leading cause of acquired brain injury. It happens when a person is involved in a road accident and suffers a blow to the head. Road accidents account for almost 50% of all road-related traumatic brain injuries. A lack of blood to the brain is another risk factor. It is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible after an accident to prevent further injury. And never ignore the symptoms of an acquired brain injury - they can affect anyone!

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The duration of recovery after an acquired brain injury is different for everyone. Doctors will continually update their prognosis as the patient recovers. This section also outlines common changes that a patient might experience during the recovery period, as well as tips and resources available for treating these symptoms. And while recovery from acquired brain injury is not guaranteed, it can be prolonged and difficult. However, it is possible to improve a person's quality of life following an injury.

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Although acquired brain injuries are rare, they do require intensive care and rehabilitation. The goal of the treatment team is to stabilize the patient's mental and physical condition and encourage meaningful activity. Family members are often a key part of the rehabilitation process. In addition to the medical aspects of acquired brain injuries, therapy aims to address the patient's emotional and social functioning. The recovery process also includes coping with any lingering consequences. Once this has occurred, the person should consider the best course of action for his or her recovery.

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ABI is an injury caused by an external force, such as a motor vehicle accident. It may lead to severe injuries or death. Another common cause of ABI is firearms. About 90% of these cases end fatally. Other causes include slip and fall accidents and physical abuse of children. Similarly, medical malpractice can cause a serious brain injury. Regardless of the cause, the recovery from acquired brain injury is long. The patient will most likely be drowsy, confused and unable to communicate. Once diagnosed, the doctor will assess the severity of the injury and the type of treatment that would be appropriate.

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After an ABI, the person may require rehabilitation, which helps the patient adjust to their new life. Rehabilitation involves exercises, therapies, and education, which focus on specific parts of the brain affected by the injury. Recovery is slow, and most improvements occur within the first few months. Recovery may continue for years, and some people may have to deal with the effects of the brain injury permanently. And, there are many treatments available. And, no matter the type of acquired brain injury, there are ways to help improve a person's quality of life and cope with its impact.

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Despite the advances in research, many ABI cases still end in lifelong disability. This is largely due to the lack of accurate diagnosis and early intervention. While evidence-based medicine has improved survival rates, many patients are left with chronic problems that may affect their daily life. Therefore, early intervention is necessary for the most successful outcome. If you have been recently diagnosed with an acquired brain injury, consult with a medical professional immediately. Your loved one is likely suffering from a traumatic brain injury.

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While there are several types of acquired brain injury, two of the most common types are traumatic and non-traumatic. Traumatic brain injuries are most often caused by road traffic accidents, but other causes include falls, assaults, and gunshot wounds. The resulting damage to the brain can lead to a functional disability or even a psychosocial maladjustment. Traumatic brain injury can occur due to a violent impact to the head, bruising, or fractured skull. Traumatic brain injury is the most common cause of disability among people below 40 years of age.

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There are a number of ways to prevent TBI. Falls are a common cause of TBI, and it is important to check for any head injury after a fall. In addition to falling, accidents that result in head injuries are often accidental and not intentional. Accidents such as falls can result in life-long cognitive and physical disabilities. In addition, health care providers serving older adults with acquired brain injuries should be educated on proper screening, diagnosis, and treatment for these potentially life-changing conditions.

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