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Symptoms of a TIA Stroke - Oren Zarif - Tia Stroke

The symptoms of TIA mini stroke are varied and often overlooked. For example, a leg crunch can be explained by a trick knee, and a brief dizziness by low blood sugar. But these symptoms are the sign of a TIA stroke, otherwise known as transient ischemic attack. So, how can you tell if you are experiencing one? Read on to learn more about this condition. If you have any of these symptoms, call 911 immediately!

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Symptoms of TIA can vary greatly from case to case, depending on the artery involved. Differentiating between carotid artery ischaemia and anterior circulation TIAs is critical for secondary prevention. If the artery is located in the carotid artery, the symptoms of TIAs can include transient monocular vision loss, hemiparesis, and bilateral limb weakness. Other TIA symptoms may include vertigo and nausea.

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A new definition of TIA was introduced in 2002 by a group of cerebrovascular physicians. The condition is characterized by transient loss of focal brain or retinal function for less than one hour. This is considered a minor stroke and carries the same risk of a second stroke, but the symptoms usually last less than one hour and are not accompanied by any signs of acute infarction. As a result, TIAs are sometimes misdiagnosed as strokes.

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When a TIA occurs, the blood flow to the brain becomes restricted. The resulting decreased blood flow is attributed to either an embolism in the cerebral supply artery, or an in situ occlusion of a small perforating artery. In most cases, the thrombus displaces itself and the symptoms disappear. Similarly, focal hypoperfusion due to critical arterial stenosis can also cause a TIA.

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After the TIA, the patient should be evaluated for further complications and to rule out TIA. MRI and CT scans of the brain are required for the diagnosis. Blood tests may be ordered, as well as Doppler ultrasounds of the major blood vessels in the neck. A blood test known as an echocardiogram is also recommended to help the doctor determine whether TIA is the cause of the symptoms. Treatment of TIA begins with reducing the risk factors that cause strokes.

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Diagnostic tests are necessary to differentiate between hemorrhagic and ischemic TIA. Imaging studies play a key role in classifying acute cerebrovascular syndromes and determining the type of infarction. In addition, MRI has a high degree of sensitivity and specificity. It helps determine the type and severity of the stroke and is recommended in all patients with TIA. And, if the CT scan confirms the diagnosis, it may be the only reliable method of diagnosis.

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Antiplatelet agents are used as a secondary preventive measure for TIA. Aspirin, clopidogrel, and aspirin-dipyridamole are all effective. But, clopidogrel and aspirin-dipyridamole are considered better than aspirin alone. The latter may be the better choice if tolerance, cost, and efficacy are all considered.

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New Zealand is currently lacking 24-hour TIA clinics and adequate numbers of neurologists and stroke physicians to treat these patients. Yet, a recent study of UK GPs indicates that most TIA patients seek treatment from their GP. GPs have the potential to provide urgent intervention. This may lead to a significant reduction in the overall incidence of strokes in the country. So, we must improve this situation. Our country has so much to gain from this new technology.

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If your loved one is experiencing TIA symptoms, it is crucial to seek emergency medical attention immediately. Although there is a small risk of TIA stroke, it is better to be safe than sorry. The signs of TIA are often similar to the symptoms of a regular stroke. Your healthcare provider will want to look at your overall clinical picture and perform an MRI to confirm the diagnosis. TIA symptoms are not always obvious until the stroke is more serious, but a TIA is still a cause for concern.

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TIA management is based on a number of factors, including underlying carotid artery stenosis. However, TIA guidelines do not recommend routine screening for carotid artery stenosis in the general population. A patient who suffers a TIA could also be asymptomatic, meaning that a carotid artery stenosis is the most likely culprit of the occurrence of a TIA stroke.

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