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Symptoms of a Stroke in Women - Oren Zarif - Stroke Symptoms In Women

Although men are aware of the signs and symptoms of stroke, women tend to downplay their symptoms or dismiss them as "fake," according to Dr. Amytis Towfighi, director of neurological services for the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services. Fortunately, women can recognize and report stroke symptoms, as well. While the signs and symptoms of a stroke in women are different than those in men, they are often just as serious.

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Often, stroke symptoms in women can be misinterpreted as common colds and flu. A woman's sudden, severe headache, difficulty walking, brain fog, and overall malaise are often dismissed as flu-like symptoms. But these symptoms, whether they're sudden or unexplained, should be investigated by a doctor. A stroke can damage the brain and make it difficult for a woman to communicate. Seizures are another sign of a stroke.

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Fortunately, women are more likely to identify these warning signs than men are. One-half of women, for example, could name two primary stroke symptoms: sudden weakness on one side and difficulty understanding speech. Another 41 percent of women had no idea what these signs meant. Women with Hispanic heritage were less likely to recognize stroke symptoms. Twenty-three percent of women identified unexplained dizziness and severe headache as a stroke symptom, while one-fifth of women did not know any at all.

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Although the symptoms of a stroke in men and women are very similar, women tend to miss them more than men. Some of the risk factors for stroke in women include pregnancy, birth control pills, and hormone replacement therapy. Among women, stroke is more common during pregnancy and menopause, and older women are more likely to develop the condition. But no matter what the symptoms, it's important to get to the hospital as soon as possible.

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Symptoms of a stroke in women vary, but are recognizable in almost any age group. If you're concerned that you may have had a stroke, call triple zero (000) and get to the hospital as soon as possible. Getting treatment is important because the sooner you start treatment, the better your chances of recovery. If you don't receive the proper treatment for your stroke, it will only increase your chances of having another stroke.

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Other risk factors for stroke include pregnancy, age, and obesity, which alter estrogen levels in the body. Women who have a history of migraines and heavy alcohol use may also be at risk for stroke. Stroke is also exacerbated by lifestyle factors such as smoking, heavy alcohol consumption, malnutrition, and severe stress. Furthermore, medications and hormone treatments can increase your risk. In the event that you do develop stroke, treatment will include stabilizing blood pressure, controlling the symptoms, reducing swelling, and restoring fluid balance.

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As women are more likely to develop stroke than men, the symptoms of a stroke may be different. However, women who are taking birth control pills are at greater risk of developing a stroke, as are women who are using hormone replacement therapy. Additionally, high blood fat and a thick waist are associated with an increased risk of stroke, and these factors may also increase the chances of pregnancy. And because women are more vulnerable to stroke than men, women should seek medical attention if they notice any symptoms.

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High blood pressure during pregnancy is a risk factor for stroke, and pregnancy has been linked to an increased risk of ischemic stroke. Women should take low-dose aspirin to prevent preeclampsia, which doubles the risk of stroke later in life. Moreover, women should never smoke while taking oral contraceptives. Additionally, hormone replacement therapy for stroke prevention should never be used in post-menopausal women.

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Treatments for women's stroke are specific to their condition. The treatment options available may include drugs to dissolve the possible clot and procedures that dissolve the clot. Women's outcomes from thrombolytic medications may differ from those of men, with the latter generally causing worse results. Therefore, the treatment for women should be tailored to her unique condition. A woman's risk of developing stroke is significantly higher than that of men, according to research conducted by Bushnell.

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If a woman experiences these stroke symptoms, the most important treatment is immediate emergency medical care. A stroke can lead to permanent disability or brain damage, so the first step in addressing these symptoms is to seek treatment. The doctor will perform a physical exam and run a variety of diagnostic tests. When the symptoms are consistent with a stroke, a doctor will be able to provide you with a more accurate diagnosis. And in the meantime, a woman may be suffering from a transient ischemic attack.

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