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Symptoms and Treatment of a Thalamic Stroke - Oren Zarif - Thalamic Stroke

A thalamic stroke is a particular type of stroke, caused by the blockage of blood flow to the thalamus. The thalamus is a part of the brain that processes sensory information and sends it to other areas of the body. This part is responsible for interpreting such information as touch, pain, and temperature. This article will describe the symptoms of a thalamic stroke and discuss prevention and treatment options.

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A male patient who presented with a history of fluctuating consciousness and facial paresis on the right sided and arterial hypertension presented with bilateral thalamic infarcts. Although thalamic infarct is an uncommon clinical entity, its occurrence has increased due to improved technology. Its incidence is less than that of other structures and metabolic disorders, but it is still a very significant risk factor. Two MRI images of the thalamus revealed an acute ischemic lesions in the sagittal plane and midbrain.

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In addition to stroke, thalamic infarct is associated with a variety of neurological symptoms. Symptoms include numbness, tingling, and pain, and can progress to a range of neurological deficits. In addition, the patient may experience a generalized spike-wave, which is an early precursor to epilepsy and seizures. If a thalamic infarct develops, it is important to recognize it in the early stages of the illness.

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Some studies have reported that some thalamic infarcts cause acute movement disorders. These strokes disrupt important fibres and connections in the thalamus, which may cause delayed movement. However, due to cerebral plasticity, a thalamic infarct in the hand area may lead to the emergence of the affected area. Patients may also recover coordination of their movements. Moreover, a thalamic infarct in the hand area can lead to aberrant connections that generate abnormal involuntary movements.

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There are several types of thalamic infarct. Four of these syndromes are related to specific arteries and can differ in severity. In fact, the clinical picture of a thalamic stroke is different in each syndrome. In addition, each of the 4 arterial thalamic territories correspond to distinct syndromes. If a patient has an infarct in one of these territories, it is likely to be the lateral geniculate body or posterior choroidal artery that is involved.

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The thalamus plays a crucial role in various brain functions. It mediates general cortical alertness responses, processes sensory information, and relays it to the cortex. Damage to the anterior nucleus of the thalamus can result in neuropsychological problems. Symptoms of a thalamic stroke can range from confusion to agitation and aggression. Likewise, decreased responsiveness is another symptom of a thalamic stroke.

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In a case of thalamic infarct, a thrombosed artery in the periventricular hemisphere supplies several thalamic nuclei. Transient occlusion of the thalamic artery, which causes the borderzone infarct, has been suspected. Carreara et al. found that the anteromedian artery originates from the first part of the posterior cerebral arteries, and may have some relationship with the basilar artery. This may explain the predominant microangiopathic etiology.

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While left hemispheric strokes are the more common type of stroke, there are also other symptoms that can occur with a thalamic stroke. For example, patients with left hemispheric stroke often experience a symptom called hemispatial neglect. They may also experience double vision, or hemianopia, which means they are missing half of their visual field. A thalamic stroke can cause difficulty speaking or communicating with others, and it can affect a person's personality.

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Left hemisphere lesions are associated with a range of neuropsychological deficits. Patients may exhibit fluctuations in consciousness, lack of insight or spontaneity, and impaired recent memory and new learning. Patients may also exhibit a persistent pattern of thinking and inappropriate maintenance of semantic categories. The patient's speech is often grammatically correct, but his memory is not. In addition, patients with right thalamic lesions may have anosognosia.

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The treatment for thalamic strokes is similar to that for hemorrhagic or ischemic strokes. For ischemic strokes, a blood clot blocks the blood flow to the brain, while hemorrhagic strokes result from a ruptured blood vessel. Patients with either type of thalamic stroke can receive treatment with medications or surgery. These medications may lead to reduced symptoms and the risk of developing a stroke recurrence.

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In addition to thalamic lesions, other types of traumatic brain injury can result. Lesions affecting the thalamus can affect the peduncles that convey information to and from the brain. In some cases, lesions in the peduncles of the thalamus are restricted to smaller white matter tracts with a trajectory to the cerebral cortex and basal ganglia. Therefore, diagnosis and treatment of thalamic strokes should be individualized for each patient.

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