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Symptoms and Treatment for Spinal Stroke - Oren Zarif - Spinal Stroke

Symptoms and treatment for spinal stroke vary from person to person. Depending on the type of stroke, patients can receive blood-thinning medications, antiplatelet drugs, and anticoagulant medications such as aspirin. Other medications are prescribed to control pain, symptoms, and risk factors for another stroke. Patients may also undergo physical therapy and occupational therapy, which can help restore range of motion and function. Once diagnosed, a doctor will determine the next step in care.

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Depending on the extent of damage, patients may experience spasticity, a loss of sensation in one or more parts of the body, or total paralysis. Fortunately, physiotherapy can help people overcome these problems and resume their regular activities. Other symptoms, including difficulty walking, bladder management, and sexual dysfunction, are manageable with physiotherapy. Some patients may also need to undergo emotional counseling to overcome the trauma and cope with a life without their former activities.

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In addition to physical examination, patients suffering from leg weakness should see their doctor. A slipped disc, a tumour, or an abscess can cause pressure on the spinal cord. An MRI scan will help doctors determine the exact location and cause of the bleed or blockage. However, a spinal stroke is often difficult to diagnose. This is because the symptoms of this condition often mimic other medical conditions affecting the spine. That's why early detection is crucial.

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After recovery, patients must make major adjustments in their lifestyles to compensate for the new disabilities. Rehabilitation usually involves a combination of medical management of the causes and physical and occupational therapy. These help patients regain their mobility and maximize their body safety. The United Spinal Association and Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation are two organizations dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities. If you have been affected by spinal stroke, visit a rehabilitation center today to learn more about the physical therapy and occupational therapy available.

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A spinal stroke is a sudden, severe condition caused by a lack of blood flow. Blood clots can form in the blood vessels of the arteries in the legs or elsewhere in the body, and can travel through the bloodstream and become stuck. These clots starve the spinal cord of oxygen and nutrients, which causes tissue damage and eventual death. Other causes of spinal stroke include abdominal surgery and cancer. Other symptoms include sudden back pain, weakness in both legs, unusual sensations, and inability to tell the temperature of water.

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Although these symptoms may seem severe, they are usually temporary and will go away on their own within a few days. A patient suffering from spinal stroke should seek medical attention as soon as possible to minimize further complications and regain normal function. Fortunately, recovery is generally relatively fast and patients can return to their daily routines and enjoy life to the fullest. While the symptoms of spinal stroke may be disabling, most patients recover well and can resume normal activities and lives.

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A spinal stroke is a medical emergency, usually caused by a blockage in the blood flow to the spinal cord. The interruption in the blood supply to the spinal cord can cause significant damage to the tissues and block the nerve impulses that travel along the spinal cord. It can result in complete paralysis and other serious consequences. Although there are different types of spinal stroke, they share many similar causes. The primary difference between ischemic stroke and a spinal stroke is how it is diagnosed.

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Researchers have made great strides in the treatment of stroke and its effects. Neuroprotective drugs are being developed to prevent a wave of damage that results from the stroke. Spinal surgery is the most common procedure for spinal stroke, accounting for about 54 percent of cases. Advances in surgery and medications are improving the lives of stroke survivors. In the meantime, spinal stroke patients should be aware of the dangers associated with the condition. If the condition is left untreated, patients may suffer long-term consequences including death or paralysis.

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Rehabilitation for spinal stroke patients often includes intensive physical therapy. Electrodes placed on the skin stimulate the nerves in the affected area. Rehabilitation can also include hand-stimulating 'gloves'. The patient can also try activity-based therapy, where they look at the affected side of their body. Aquatic therapy can also help the patient move using buoyancy in water. Music therapy can help people connect movement with rhythm. Adaptive devices and techniques can help patients recover quicker and easier.

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