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Symptoms and Causes of Stroke - Oren Zarif - Causes of Stroke

Strokes can affect any part of the body, including the brain. Some people suffer numbness or weakness on one side of their body. Others experience paralysis on one side of their body. These symptoms vary, but the overall symptoms of stroke are the same for both sexes. This article will explore some of the most common strokes and their causes. Listed below are some common symptoms and what to look for in a person affected by stroke.

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There are many signs and symptoms that can indicate a stroke, so you should seek medical attention right away. First of all, call 911 and tell the operator your symptoms. Be sure to tell them about any weakness or difficulty speaking. The doctor will likely perform a physical exam and some tests to determine whether or not you are experiencing symptoms of a stroke. A doctor will use X-rays or radio waves to examine the affected area. In some cases, an emergency room may be necessary to determine the cause of a stroke.

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Some people have a family history of stroke. Some people have higher stroke risk than others, especially people who are older. Others have a genetic disorder that blocks blood flow to the brain. Strokes in women are slightly more likely than in men of the same age. Women are more likely to die from a stroke than men. High blood pressure and cholesterol are the main risk factors. These conditions cause the formation of plaques in the arteries, which block blood flow to the brain.

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The most common causes of stroke include a blockage, leaky blood vessel, or ruptured artery in the brain. Regardless of the cause, the patient should seek immediate medical attention. Once medical attention is received, a treatment for stroke will be given. The treatment will depend on the cause of the stroke, but the recovery time is typically three to four and a half hours. You may also experience a transient ischemic attack, which is a short-lived version of a stroke.

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When blood flow to the brain is interrupted, brain cells cannot receive enough oxygen. When this happens, a blood clot forms in the bloodstream and blocks an artery to the brain. The clot will travel through the bloodstream and block the artery. The stroke symptoms will eventually develop into a full-blown stroke. If you suffer from either of these conditions, it is essential to take the proper care of your heart. And be sure to follow these simple guidelines for a healthy lifestyle and a long-term recovery from stroke.

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The best way to reduce your risk of a stroke is to live a healthy lifestyle and manage any preexisting health conditions. Although lifestyle changes cannot prevent a stroke, making certain changes to your daily habits and diet will significantly reduce your stroke risk. If you smoke, for example, quitting is a great way to reduce your risk. Heavy alcohol consumption can also increase your risk. If you have difficulty quitting smoking, seek the advice of your doctor.

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If you are concerned about the symptoms of a stroke, call emergency services. The timeframe to intervene is very narrow. If the patient is unconscious or is unable to communicate, family members and bystanders may have to confirm their information. If they're not able to speak or are not awake, you may need to speak with a doctor. Having a good understanding of what causes a stroke will help you get the proper treatment.

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Other causes of stroke include a rupture of a brain artery. An artery can rupture and lead to a hemorrhagic stroke. The blood escaping from the artery can damage brain tissue and result in a permanent disability. Symptoms of a stroke usually manifest themselves in the areas of the body controlled by the damaged part of the brain. You should get medical help immediately if you experience any of these symptoms.

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There are three main types of stroke: hemorrhagic and ischemic. The former happens when a blood vessel supplying the brain becomes blocked by a clot. Blood clots in the brain are caused by fatty deposits called atherosclerosis. In either case, if the clot passes through the narrow artery, it can block the blood flow to the brain. Once you have been diagnosed with ischemic stroke, you must immediately seek medical treatment.

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Avoiding excessive alcohol consumption is another risk factor. A recent study concluded that heavy drinkers are three times more likely to suffer a stroke than those who do not drink alcohol at all. In addition, it was found that people who drink heavily are more likely to suffer from a hemorrhagic stroke. Therefore, it is vital to limit alcohol intake and have at least two alcohol-free days per week. Furthermore, alcohol can increase blood pressure and triglyceride levels, which lead to atherosclerosis - plaque build-up in the arteries.

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