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Symptoms and Causes of Brain Hemorrhage - Oren Zarif - Brain Hemorrhage

The signs and symptoms of brain hemorrhage depend on where the bleeding occurred, the size of the infected area, and whether or not the blood was contagious. Brain hemorrhages are often fatal, as pooling blood in the brain places a significant amount of pressure on it, depriving it of oxygen. A brain deprived of blood for 3 minutes starts to die cells. Because of this, brain hemorrhages can have significant impacts in a very short time. In fact, a brain hemorrhage can easily become fatal despite prompt medical treatment.

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The symptoms of brain hemorrhage are common and not limited to those listed above. Depending on the location of the bleed, patients can be given drugs to ease the pain and reduce bleeding. Some people may be prescribed a blood pressure medication, but this can cause dangerous drops in blood pressure. Sometimes, surgery is necessary to correct the bleeding. If the symptoms persist for more than a few hours, you should seek medical attention immediately.

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Other causes of brain hemorrhage include drug abuse, smoking, and certain cancers. Also, ageing and certain prescription drugs can weaken blood vessel walls. In addition, these drugs may increase the risk of a brain hemorrhage. Even smoking increases the risk of a stroke. A person with high blood pressure may experience many small bleeds in the brain, which can then lead to a larger hemorrhage.

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Although the effects of brain hemorrhage are variable, most patients recover completely. However, some suffer permanent damage to their brain, or even the loss of their ability to perform basic activities. The chances of survival depend on the location of the bleeding and any underlying conditions that may be affecting the patient. A physician should be consulted immediately if you feel symptoms of brain hemorrhage. These symptoms of brain hemorrhage may be sudden and begin without warning. If you notice any of these symptoms, call your local emergency room.

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Symptoms of brain hemorrhage may be vague, but are commonly related to a headache or a severe head injury. A doctor will ask about the symptoms to determine the source of the bleeding. They may run imaging tests to determine the exact location of the hemorrhage. Once the doctor has determined the cause, the doctor will determine the type of hemorrhage. If the bleeding is within the vision or balance controlling part of the brain, symptoms may include problems with vision or balance, coordination, speech, and so forth. If the bleeding has spread to lower brain tissue, it may lead to a coma or unresponsiveness.

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Treatment for brain hemorrhages depends on the location of the hemorrhage, size, and swelling of the area. There are various treatments for a brain hemorrhage, including medications or surgery. However, the most important step in treating a brain bleed is to see a doctor. If left untreated, brain hemorrhages can cause serious damage. A head injury is another common cause of brain hemorrhages, especially among younger people.

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In case of a head hemorrhage, a doctor may perform an MRI or CT scan to determine the exact location of the bleeding. An eye exam can also help detect any damage to the optic nerve. If your symptoms persist, your doctor may recommend a medication for reducing the swelling and controlling seizures. For severe cases, the doctor may recommend surgery to repair the damaged tissue. The doctor can also suggest other treatment options for your hemorrhage.

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Symptoms of a brain hemorrhage may be similar to those of a stroke. A burst artery in the brain causes localized bleeding in the surrounding tissues. This damage kills brain cells. A person suffering from a brain hemorrhage will experience stroke-like symptoms such as difficulty walking, speaking, or controlling limbs. However, these symptoms could be caused by other illnesses or injuries.

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After a patient has recognized the signs and symptoms of a brain hemorrhage, he or she may undergo a surgical procedure to correct the condition. During this procedure, a neurosurgeon makes an incision in the scalp and inserts a catheter through the skull. This is done to alleviate the pressure and swelling in the brain. If the aneurysm was not ruptured, it may be clipped or filled, and an angiography procedure may be performed to prevent future ruptures.

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