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Stroke Symptoms in Women - Oren Zarif - Stroke Symptoms in Women

Stroke is one of the leading causes of death in the world. Sadly, more women than men die from stroke each year. To better protect yourself from stroke, learn about stroke symptoms in women. Women commonly experience fatigue, confusion, and general weakness, and should seek medical attention if they develop these symptoms. A quick visit to your healthcare provider can help ensure a timely diagnosis and effective treatment. Identifying and treating stroke symptoms early is essential for both your health and your future.

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Many stroke symptoms in women are the same as those in men. However, women are more likely to downplay symptoms and minimize the severity of their symptoms. They may even drive themselves to the hospital rather than calling 911. Fortunately, women can make a big difference if they recognize the signs of a stroke. The symptoms are similar to those of men and can help you make an informed decision on how to treat it. However, the signs of stroke in women are different from those in men.

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Researchers have also identified that women are more likely to experience non-traditional stroke symptoms. According to research, more than half of women who experienced a stroke had one of these symptoms. Similarly, 44% of women said they had difficulty understanding or recognizing speech. These findings were most common in white women; however, Hispanic women were less likely to recognize these symptoms. Another study also revealed that women have fewer symptoms than men, such as an unexplained headache or dizziness.

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Early stroke symptoms in women include hiccups. This early symptom may indicate a problem with posterior circulation in the brainstem, which controls swallowing and breathing. Although rare, hiccups are a symptom of a stroke. But it is important to see a doctor if you notice these symptoms. If you notice these symptoms, call your doctor immediately. If you experience any other symptoms, they could be signs of stroke.

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Although stroke is more common in men, women are still at higher risk than men. Increasing age, as well as blood pressure and hypertension are risk factors for stroke. Additionally, women are more prone to strokes because of pregnancy and birth control. Knowing the symptoms of a stroke will help you seek immediate medical care. Early diagnosis and treatment can mean the difference between a stroke that leads to disability and a full recovery. Stroke symptoms in women are often accompanied by confusion, inability to speak, and strained expression.

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There is no way to prevent a stroke, but early treatment of stroke symptoms is critical for improving recovery. Women are more likely to have one than men, and earlier treatment increases the chances of survival. Even if stroke symptoms are mild or infrequent, getting to the hospital as soon as possible can improve recovery and reduce the risk of a stroke. If the symptoms do not improve, a physician can recommend further medical care. And in addition to the medical treatment, women can have mental and emotional challenges as well.

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Although menopause is not a risk factor for stroke, women with high blood pressure are at increased risk of a stroke. High blood pressure weakens arteries and increases the risk of blood clots, which can block arteries leading to the brain and trigger a stroke. Additionally, pregnancy stresses the circulatory system, making it more susceptible to stroke. A pregnant woman's risk for stroke increases significantly if she is taking an oral contraceptive.

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There are several ways to identify stroke symptoms in women and their symptoms. A survey conducted by the American Heart Association found that women are less likely than men to recognize the signs of a stroke, and a high percentage of women who had one had no idea that they were suffering from a stroke. Fortunately, there are also 30 ways to reduce your risk. These methods include taking regular checkups with your health care provider. The sooner you get an appointment, the better.

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One unique stroke symptom among women is the change in mental state. According to Dr. Greene-Chandos, this may be an indication of a stroke in the posterior circulation, which targets the frontal lobe. The stroke itself will impact a woman's memory and personality, so changes in behavior are a likely symptom. Also, she might develop a headache. If this happens, call 911 immediately to get a doctor's diagnosis.

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