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Stroke Symptoms in Women - Oren Zarif - Stroke Symptoms In Women

While stroke symptoms in men and women are similar, the signs of a stroke in women may be subtle or unnoticeable. While both sexes experience drooping facial expressions and difficulty speaking, women are more likely to experience vision loss, language difficulty and abnormal eye movements. Women should seek immediate medical care if they experience any of these symptoms. By seeking help early, stroke symptoms in women can be detected quickly and treated properly.

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Although there are some general stroke risk factors for men and women alike, women are more likely to develop a burst blood vessel or a particular type of bleeding in the brain. Lifestyle changes can help reduce the chances of a stroke in women, including quitting smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, and exercising regularly. A physician should also be consulted if symptoms persist after lifestyle changes have been made. It is always best to call triple zero (000) if you suspect a stroke, as symptoms in women may be different from men's.

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Fainting may also be an early sign of a stroke, especially if it is unrelated to hyperventilation. Women should not ignore sudden, unusually severe headaches, confusion, or overall malaise. While most women will chalk up these symptoms to a common viral illness, they should get medical help if the symptoms persist or worsen. A woman may also experience seizures, which are a sign of a stroke.

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While women have the same basic stroke symptoms as men, their symptoms are different. The symptoms of stroke in women can be ambiguous, so women may not seek medical attention unless they are in the worst condition. In the event of a stroke, recognizing symptoms early may mean the difference between life and death. Thankfully, women are just as likely to seek medical help as men, but there are still important differences between the two sexes.

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Although symptoms of a stroke can be difficult to identify, early treatment and immediate hospitalization are essential to improving the chances of survival and minimizing post-stroke disability. Getting a stroke diagnosis early is crucial, as a woman with symptoms is more likely to have the condition than a man. Also, women who are approaching or experiencing menopause should consult their doctors to discuss the possibility of stroke and take steps to lower their risk of a stroke.

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Women who suffer from migraine headaches also have an increased risk of developing a stroke. Those suffering from migraine with aura may experience flashing lights, tunnel vision, and sound that isn't there. Additionally, migraine sufferers may experience muscle weakness and sensitivity to light. Furthermore, women with a waist size of over 32.5 inches are also more likely to develop a stroke. This risk is increased in post-menopausal women with a high blood fat level.

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While stroke symptoms differ from person to person, the signs and symptoms of a stroke are generally very similar, especially in the elderly. In addition to stroke symptoms, women who are pregnant should seek immediate medical attention if they feel any of these symptoms. Depending on the severity of the symptoms, an immediate hospitalization may be required. If stroke symptoms in women are not recognized, the patient should call triple zero immediately and be treated by a physician right away.

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The treatment of a stroke in women depends on the type of stroke a woman is experiencing. If she is having an ischemic stroke, this means that a blood clot has cut off the blood supply to her brain. In such cases, tPA medication is given to break up the clot. This medication is administered three to four hours after the first symptom appears. In addition, women who smoke or suffer from high blood pressure or migraines are also at risk.

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While stroke symptoms in women are similar to those in men, treatments for this type differ. In general, treatment for an ischemic stroke involves medications to prevent clotting from occurring or procedures to dissolve the clot. In women, thrombolytic medications are more likely to have an adverse effect on the outcome of a hemorrhagic stroke. However, thrombolytic medications are also effective for ischemic stroke.

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If you suspect a woman is experiencing symptoms of a stroke, do not wait. If you are concerned about the person's condition, contact 911 or a local emergency service. Getting treatment for a stroke is essential, as if it is delayed, the brain may die. It is important to remember that stroke treatments are effective in preventing disability and reducing the amount of damage to the brain. Fortunately, stroke symptoms in women have decreased over time due to better treatments.

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