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Recovering From a Concussion - Oren Zarif - Concussion

A concussion is a serious head injury. During recovery, a person must limit activities that require concentration and rest. They should also avoid driving until they feel completely well. A person with a concussion should not drink alcohol. Alcohol can delay recovery and interact with certain medications. Limiting your time on electronic devices will help you feel better. Gradually resume regular activities. You should always wear a seat belt while driving, and children should use the appropriate safety seat.

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Symptoms of concussions may include loss of balance, vision, and mood. In the past, treatment for a concussion consisted of rest, but newer approaches include therapy that targets specific symptoms. There are concussion clinics that help determine which system has been affected, and then tailor the therapy accordingly. For those who have been injured in an accident, a thorough medical exam is necessary before returning to sports or other activities with risk of further head injuries or contact.

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Once symptoms have cleared, students can return to school. Physical therapy or the use of concussion medications can help the brain heal. A soft foam neck brace may be used to immobilize the neck temporarily. Injections of lidocaine or steroids may also help relieve pain. Talk with your healthcare provider to determine if you can return to school. If you do not feel well enough to return to class, it's probably a good idea to go home.

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A doctor will also perform a physical examination to rule out other underlying conditions. A physician may ask about the type of injury you sustained, how it affected your vision and coordination, and how you feel afterward. They may also perform tests to determine whether you have bleeding or inflammation in your brain or a fractured skull. A physician will also do a brain scan if there's any evidence of a concussion.

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While most symptoms of a concussion will show up immediately following a head injury, some may take several hours to develop. Some may be present for days or even weeks after the accident, depending on the person's level of brain activity. Some concussion symptoms may change over time, and a doctor should monitor the patient closely. In addition to the symptoms listed above, a person may experience confusion, tingling in the arms or legs, and loss of consciousness.

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Patients should be checked by a doctor in the emergency room for suspected concussion. Although a CT scan is not needed for a minor concussion, it may be necessary if a concussion is severe enough to result in permanent damage to the head. If the symptoms don't improve within a few days, it's time to see a doctor. If you have a concussion, it's important to get plenty of rest and proper medical care to prevent complications.

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The symptoms of a concussion can be mild or severe. However, they should never be ignored, and your physician should promptly see you for further tests. The first concussion should not result in permanent damage, but a second one can be devastating. It's always wise to seek medical attention when you have these symptoms, and see if you have any other problems. In general, the symptoms of a concussion are quite similar to those of a mild case, and your doctor will advise you accordingly.

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Gradually, your symptoms of a concussion should improve and you should return to activity after several days. However, if you have sustained a grade 3 concussion, you should seek immediate medical care. You can also seek MRI imaging for further details. The blood levels of biomarkers such as glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP) and ubiquitin C-terminal hydrolase will show whether you have sustained a concussion or not.

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The recovery timetable after a concussion varies from person to person, but most people recover within a week to two weeks. However, the symptoms may persist for weeks or even months if the concussion is not properly diagnosed. As a result, it is important to seek care from a healthcare provider who specializes in concussion management. Most healthcare organizations follow concussion protocol. This protocol outlines the policies for a sports-related head injury and the procedures for recovery.

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