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Pregnancy and Breast Cancer Symptoms - Oren Zarif - Pregnancy and Breast Cancer

Women need to be aware of their bodies while pregnant. While breast cancer is rare, it can develop during pregnancy. During pregnancy, most changes to the body are not cancerous, but they should be evaluated by a healthcare provider. Breast cancer treatment is almost always safe for both mother and baby. This article will discuss some of the symptoms of breast cancer during pregnancy. You should also know how to self-examine your breasts and the signs of breast cancer during pregnancy.

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If you suspect you may have breast cancer, you should schedule an appointment with a doctor. Your doctor can detect cancer early. During pregnancy, the breast tissue thickens, making it difficult to detect lumps. Also, breast cancer tumors are larger than those discovered in non-pregnant women, so it's important to get regular checkups. If you notice lumps during pregnancy, contact your doctor right away.

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Treatment for breast cancer is usually designed to control the cancer and prevent it from spreading to other parts of the body. Treatment options depend on the stage of cancer, whether it is in the womb or elsewhere, and the age of the fetus. Before starting treatment, a woman with cancer must fully understand the risks and benefits of all treatments. The doctor will monitor her during treatment. Breast-feeding is not recommended for women with breast cancer.

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While chest x-rays and ultrasounds are safe during pregnancy, some tests are not. While chest x-rays and MRIs do contain small amounts of radiation, they can cause harm to an unborn baby. Your doctor will also do some other tests to examine other parts of your body. In addition to the ultrasound, they will perform other tests to check the other parts of your body. The doctor will balance your treatment options for breast cancer with the risks to your unborn child.

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While surgery for early stages of breast cancer isn't usually recommended during pregnancy, if the tumor has spread to the lymph nodes, you may have to undergo a mastectomy or lumpectomy. The doctor will also examine your lymph nodes to remove cancer cells. Then, you will need chemotherapy for the next few months. Depending on the stage of your pregnancy, surgery can take up to three months or even a year.

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If you find out that you are pregnant, make sure you share this information with your obstetric care team and your oncologist. This will help them design a treatment plan that's safe for your baby. However, it's important to note that the cancer cells won't spread to your baby if you decide to terminate your pregnancy. This is usually the only option for extremely aggressive forms of breast cancer.

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Another common symptom of breast cancer is swollen, red or scaly skin. A lump in the breast usually contains pus, and it can be difficult to differentiate from mastitis. However, you should seek a specialist if you notice persistent symptoms. Remember, breast cancer is a life-altering diagnosis, and if you are a mother, you need to get the best treatment for yourself and your baby.

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While a woman's risk of developing breast cancer during pregnancy is low, women over the age of 30 are at an increased risk. This is because the breast cancer symptoms during pregnancy may mask the signs of breast cancer. However, signs of breast cancer during pregnancy include changes to the skin of the breast, including redness or dimpling. Some women may also notice bloody fluid from the nipple. They may also experience unusual thickening in a particular part of the breast.

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If you suspect a lump or change in your breast, you should schedule a breast exam during your prenatal visits. Your doctor will perform a variety of tests to evaluate the breast and determine if you have the disease. Physical examinations are essential in diagnosing breast cancer and assessing treatment options. The doctor will also examine your body to look for other symptoms of the disease, including breast changes or unusual feelings. The doctor will also check your history for signs of cancer.

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