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Non-Specific Symptoms of Cerebellar Stroke - Oren Zarif - Cerebellar Stroke

A person who has suffered from cerebellar stroke may experience non-specific neurological symptoms. These are much more common than the more obvious effects of the stroke, such as impaired vision or coordination. Many patients with cerebellar stroke ignore these symptoms and wait until the effects become more severe to seek medical attention. There is no cure for cerebellar stroke, but a person can greatly improve their quality of life and independence by addressing any signs and symptoms as early as possible.

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One possible cause is a massive infarction of the brainstem. This can result in a coma, and there may be significant concurrent brainstem infarction as well. Another cause of a cerebellar infarction is an upward herniation of vermian cerebellar tissue through the tentorial notch. Patients with such an infarction should be monitored closely for several days to ensure that the stroke is a temporary event.

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A patient with a suspected cerebellar stroke usually presents with nonspecific symptoms. However, the patient's condition will be largely determined by the location and extent of the lesion. A thorough history and neurological examination are essential to determining a diagnosis. If a cerebellar stroke is suspected, treatment options will vary based on the specific symptoms. It is important to be aware of any changes in behavior and physical appearance in the first few days following a stroke.

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Cerebellar infarctions are often difficult to diagnose, as the symptoms overlap with those of a cerebral infarction. Although the true incidence of cerebellar infarction is only 2% of all strokes, there is a high risk for complications such as cerebral edema and pulmonary embolism if the patient does not seek medical care quickly. Further, patients with cerebellar infarction are at risk for other complications, including bleeding, pneumonia, and thrombotic conditions.

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The distribution of cerebral infarctions in the cerebellum is very variable and the location of each type depends on the individual. A typical cerebellar infarct represents a small vascular territory between two different arterial perfusion territories. This may be an important factor in the pathogenesis of small cerebellar infarctions. However, there are some differences between small and large cerebellar infarctions. Some of these differences are reflected in the type of cerebellar infarcts seen on MRI.

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The SCA is derived from the distal basilar artery and supplies the superior surface of the cerebellum. PICA is composed of small perforating arteries that branch off from these arteries. These arteries penetrate the cerebellum and provide vital nutrients. They also form anastomoses. This constellation of findings is highly supportive of a vascular cause for cerebellar stroke, but in addition it favors embolic causes.

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Patients with cerebellar stroke often exhibit comatose or moribund state at the time of their first examination. It is important to determine whether the patient is neurologically salvageable or not to avoid futile surgical interventions. If neurologic salvage is possible, the patient can be treated in the hospital. However, the chances of survival are low. The disease can cause a long-term disability. Thus, it is imperative to identify early and seek medical treatment immediately.

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Symptoms of post-stroke depression, anxiety, and apathy have been associated with severe disability. These symptoms can significantly impair the quality of life and functional outcome of the patient. Because the cerebellum is known to play an important role in mood regulation, a study examining the cerebellum may help explain the causes of these symptoms. A person may experience both mild and severe symptoms or they may be fully recovered. Therefore, the next step is to investigate the role of cerebellar lesion in these conditions.

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The primary fissure between the anterior lobe and posterior superior lobe of the cerebellum separates the two sides of the brain. It is believed to play an intermediary role between non-motor functions and motor functions. It is also called the limbic cerebellum. These three areas are the most susceptible to cerebellar stroke. However, these factors can also have a negative effect on the prognosis of patients with cerebellar stroke.

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There are many causes of cerebellar stroke. Blood clots can form in a blood vessel and travel from different parts of the body to the brain. Once there, they become trapped in the blood vessels leading to the cerebellum. Head trauma and hemorrhage are also causes of cerebellar stroke. When these two types of stroke occur together, pressure builds in the brain and disrupts normal blood flow. So, there is a very high risk of developing cerebellar stroke in people with these conditions.

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