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Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Symptoms - Oren Zarif - Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

If you've ever had a cigarette, you may have experienced some of the common Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer symptoms. Although the condition is very treatable in the early stages, it may not be immediately apparent. The following article will discuss the different symptoms you can experience if you have non-small cell lung cancer. We'll discuss the different stages of the disease, and how to recognize them.

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Chest pain is one of the earliest signs of non-small cell lung cancer. While the lungs don't have pain receptors, some people report experiencing chest pain when they exhale. This may be true if you have a lung cancer that's near the lining, like adenocarcinomas. Other symptoms that may indicate the presence of lung cancer include recurrent respiratory infections.

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While the exact cause of lung cancer is still unknown, researchers have uncovered several factors that can increase your risk. Long-term exposure to pollutants like smog and adenocarcinomas can increase your risk of developing lung cancer. Several studies have also suggested that smoking can cause lung cancer. However, it's important to remember that symptoms of lung cancer can also be caused by other conditions or illnesses. If you're experiencing any of these symptoms, contact your physician right away. In addition, NSCLC may not have any symptoms, so your doctor may detect it when it's detected through a chest x-ray.

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After diagnosis, treatment for non-small cell lung cancer depends on the stage of the cancer and the overall health of the patient. Treatment can include surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. The options for treatment may be limited by the cancer stage and the patient's preferences. Regardless of the stage, the treatments are generally effective and many patients can manage the symptoms and live long and healthy lives. Even though NSCLC is not curable, many people with lung cancer are able to treat their symptoms and live full, happy lives.

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One of the most common symptoms of non-small cell lung cancer is a chronic cough that lasts more than eight weeks. Often, this cough can be mistaken for other conditions, such as allergies, dry air, or the tail end of a cold. Although a chronic cough can be mistaken for another condition, it does increase your risk of developing lung cancer. If you experience persistent cough, consult your doctor immediately.

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A CT scan, a powerful X-ray of the lung, is the first step in identifying the exact cause of your symptoms. This scan uses detailed pictures of the blood vessels and organs in the lung. The results of this test will help your doctor determine whether your symptoms are caused by non-small cell lung cancer. Then, he will recommend an MRI or CT scan of the chest to determine if any of your symptoms are caused by the disease.

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A non-small cell lung cancer diagnosis will involve a family history, detailed physical examination, and multiple specialized tests. Pediatric NSCLC is uncommon and is often not suspected in children, but it should be sought immediately. There are several reasons why a child may develop NSCLC. For example, if a family member has had the disease, the child may have a history of smoking, which is the only possible cause of their symptoms. If you've been a smoker, chances are you have non-small cell lung cancer.

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Other symptoms of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer may be less severe than the symptoms of small-cell lung cancer. Those with cancer of this type may be experiencing chest pain, fatigue, and weight loss. In addition, patients may experience a chronic cough and blood in the sputum. Other symptoms may include weight loss, fever, and dizziness. When the cancer has spread to the neck, patients may also experience pain in the neck or supraclavicular lymphadenectosis.

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Early diagnosis can help prevent the cancer from spreading and allowing the patient to undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy. In some cases, surgery is not enough to cure the disease. In these cases, patients may undergo a procedure called a pneumonectomy. A lung cancer diagnosis can save a person's life, as long as it's caught early. For the rest, non-small cell lung cancer symptoms should be monitored closely.

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