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Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Symptoms - Oren Zarif - Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

What are Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer symptoms? The treatment plan depends on the stage and the overall health of the patient. Some patients may be candidates for surgery, while others may undergo chemotherapy or radiation therapy. When discussing treatment options with your doctor, you should also discuss your goals. Non-small cell lung cancer symptoms may be mild or subtle. It is important to be diagnosed at an early stage to maximize your chance of survival.

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Coughing up blood is a non-Small Cell Lung Cancer symptom. Although this condition can cause a variety of symptoms, the main sign is a persistent cough. Symptoms of this disease are similar to those of other conditions, such as allergies or the tail end of a cold. If your cough lasts longer than eight weeks, it could be an indication of lung cancer.

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Early detection of this disease can help make treatment decisions easier. When diagnosed in its early stages, lung cancer is more treatable and less likely to spread. However, once it has progressed, it can be harder to treat. This is because lung cancer is classified in stages from stage I to stage IV. Stage IV is the most advanced stage. About 90% of cases of non-Small Cell Lung Cancer are caused by tobacco smoke.

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Often, the symptoms of lung cancer are not obvious until it has spread throughout the body. These initial symptoms may even be mistaken for less serious ailments. Because the lungs have so few nerve endings, patients may not realize they have cancer until it has spread and affected their entire body. Therefore, it is important to seek medical attention as early as possible. Ultimately, early diagnosis will help improve the quality of life for the patient and improve treatment options.

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Depending on the stage of the disease, doctors may prescribe treatment based on imaging tests to determine the presence of any abnormalities. The doctor may also request a sample of mucus for examination. A lung biopsy will involve a needle or incision in the chest to collect tissue for examination. A common technique is bronchoscopy, which allows the doctor to visualize the tumor and its surroundings. Upon removing the tissue, genetic tests may be conducted on the lung tissue.

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Another type of non-small cell lung cancer is adenocarcinoma. This type of lung cancer begins in the mucus-secreting cells of the lungs. It often spreads slowly but can still be life-threatening. Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Symptoms

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A common symptom of lung cancer is shortness of breath. This symptom can be mild or severe, and it can occur at any stage. However, if it is a new symptom, you should seek medical attention immediately. Hoarseness may also be associated with a raspy voice or soft voice. The condition is more likely to develop in the left lung, and a tumor pressing the recurrent laryngeal nerve can cause hoarseness.

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Another symptom of non-small cell lung cancer is blood clots in the legs. These clots may break off and travel to the lungs. They may cause headaches and weakness in one side of the body. Hypercalcemia can also lead to a variety of other symptoms, including confusion and muscle pain. In severe cases, it may even lead to a coma and death.

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If you have a suspicious area, a chest X-ray may be recommended. A CT scan, which uses powerful X-rays to create detailed pictures of the internal organs, may also be used. A needle biopsy is another test used to examine the tumor. This procedure involves inserting a needle through the skin or between the ribs and into the tumor. A small camera is also used in a thoracoscopy procedure.

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Depending on the stage of cancer, symptoms of non-small cell lung cancer can be difficult to spot. Early symptoms may be mistaken for those of other diseases, such as asthma or bronchitis. It is important to visit a doctor for a proper diagnosis. The cancer may have spread to other parts of the body, including the brain, lymph nodes, or the lymph nodes.

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