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Mini Stroke Symptoms - Oren Zarif - Mini Stroke Symptoms

If you suspect that you or someone you know is suffering from a mini stroke, you need to seek medical attention immediately. Mini stroke symptoms may include changes in your speech and difficulty repeating simple phrases. Call 9-1-1 immediately, and don't drive yourself. Get a ride in an ambulance to a hospital with a stroke receiving center. These mini strokes are 90 percent caused by clogged blood vessels in the brain or a blood clot traveling from other parts of the body.

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Medical treatment may include lifestyle modifications to help reduce your risk of having another mini stroke. These modifications can include increased exercise, a healthier diet, and quitting smoking. However, these modifications may be insufficient without medication, such as cholesterol-lowering drugs or anti-hypertensives. In addition to lifestyle modifications, a doctor may prescribe blood-thinning drugs or an over-the-counter aspirin regimen to treat your stroke.

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A TIA can cause similar symptoms as a stroke. You may experience droopy eyelids or a facial slackness. Your speech may be slurred or you may not be able to find the words to express your thoughts. You may also experience weakness in your arms, making it difficult to lift or hold up your arms. A TIA is a serious medical condition, and you should seek medical attention if you experience any symptoms.

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Some people mistake TIA symptoms for a mini stroke. They mistakenly think they're passing tiredness, dizziness, or fatigue. These symptoms may be a symptom of a blood clot. If you have these symptoms, call 911 or visit a hospital emergency room immediately. The sooner you see a medical professional, the better your chances of survival. You can reduce your chances of a mini stroke by getting your cardiovascular evaluation as soon as possible.

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People who have experienced mini strokes need to know how to recognize the symptoms. The symptoms can be frightening, but seek medical attention immediately. The longer you wait, the more likely you're going to suffer permanent damage to your brain. Fortunately, treatment for a TIA is relatively straightforward. Typically, patients are given a drug combination to treat their symptoms. The medication used to treat a TIA is a combination of several different drugs.

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TIA is often mistaken for a stroke. The symptoms are similar to those of a major stroke, but the damage isn't permanent. In fact, mini stroke symptoms can be the first sign of a larger problem. You should visit your doctor immediately if you notice these symptoms. If you don't, it may be a sign of a more severe stroke. The best way to prevent a stroke is to have regular checkups.

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