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Lacunar Stroke - Oren Zarif - Lacunar Stroke

If you suspect you're having a lacunar stroke, you should see a doctor right away. A doctor will examine your symptoms and order a CT scan. This scan is not intended to diagnose stroke, but rather to rule out other conditions that may be causing the symptoms. A CT scan shows the blood vessels in your brain. A dye is put into the blood vessels to highlight any blockages. An MRI is the most accurate imaging test, and is recommended to rule out other types of stroke.

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Treatment for lacunar stroke can include taking medication to manage your risk factors. In some cases, your doctor may perform a neurosurgeon procedure to remove the clot or blockage from your brain. While most people recover fully from lacunar stroke, you can still suffer some brain damage. If you're unable to care for yourself, you might need long-term rehabilitation. However, the chances of full recovery depend on the type of stroke and the severity of the symptoms.

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A lacunar stroke is rare and usually harmless but can have significant effects on memory, thinking, and decision-making. It may lead to other neurological problems, including depression, mood disorders, and balance issues. Researchers say the first step in treating this type of stroke is to rule out any other causes of the symptoms. The findings of this study can help in designing public health initiatives aimed at stroke prevention. Although lacunes are rare, they become more prevalent as we age. In fact, a new lacunar infarct is diagnosed in only 1.6% of 60-64 year-old patients. Professor Chen and his co-authors noted a strong association between high blood pressure and the risk of lacunar infarction. However, they found no relationship between alcohol consumption, diabetes, and weight.

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Although cognitive impairment from lacunar stroke is not associated with its location, it is associated with the extent of small vessel disease in the subcortical tissues. Therefore, clinicians should consider the cognitive impairment of all participants in a lacunar stroke study. For example, they should assess whether participants with a history of dementia have decreased cognitive abilities. Besides that, if you suspect a lacunar stroke have a family history of dementia, you should consult your doctor.

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A lacunar stroke causes weakness of both the motor and sensory areas of the brain. Damage to the thalamus causes sensory loss, and damage to the internal capsule causes motor abnormalities. These symptoms are typically on the same side of the body. You will experience a loss of balance and weakness in the arm or leg on the side affected by the stroke. Fortunately, lacunar stroke does not affect the face. The symptoms of a lacunar stroke will be similar to that of an ischemic stroke.

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The TOAST method has limitations. It uses risk factors rather than pathological material to classify different types of stroke. Because of this, some studies might mistake lacunar stroke for another type of stroke. Furthermore, there may be paucity of pathological material in lacunar stroke, which could lead to an inadvertent misdiagnosis. The use of neuroimaging techniques can further improve our understanding of lacunar stroke.

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Once you have confirmed the diagnosis of a lacunar infarction, you must work closely with a neurologist. Your doctor may prescribe muscle relaxants to help you recover from your stroke. Occupational therapists can help you manage your physical deficits. Pharmacists are invaluable because they can check drug interactions. Rehabilitation therapy must continue to maximize neurologic function. Your primary care provider will coordinate long-term care for you. In addition to taking antihypertensive medications, you must keep your blood sugars under strict control.

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While blood clots are rarely a cause of lacunar stroke, they are important to look for. They form in the neck or the heart and travel through the bloodstream to the brain. When they reach the brain, they're known as embolus, and are too large to pass through small arteries. When they do, they can damage the brain. However, if the stroke is large enough, it can lead to a coma.

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The underlying cause of a lacunar infarction is a thickening of the deep brain blood vessels, known as lipohyalinosis. This thickening blocks the blood vessels and leaves less room for blood to flow. Lacunar infarcts are relatively common, but you may not have any symptoms. In these cases, you may only notice mild cognitive impairment and early dementia. It's important to see a doctor as soon as you suspect a lacunar stroke.

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