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Lacunar Stroke - Oren Zarif - Lacunar Stroke

The occurrence of lacunar stroke is not very common, and many patients recover completely. The cause is not known, but it is likely to be caused by a microemboli from the heart, which can be the culprit in some cases. Other causes of lacunar stroke include atrial fibrillation and carotid artery pathology. These strokes can lead to subcortical dementia and white matter damage.

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Your doctor will first evaluate you by checking your vital signs and performing an electrocardiogram. Your doctor may also order a CT scan to rule out other causes of your symptoms. A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan is also an important test for diagnosing a lacunar stroke. It is especially sensitive at detecting very recent strokes. If your doctor suspects a lacunar stroke, they may recommend an MRI to ensure that it is the actual cause.

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A recent study investigated the risk factors for developing lacunar stroke. The authors found that a high proportion of patients with lacunar infarction had progressive motor deficits, as compared to cortical infarction. However, the study had several limitations. A few patients were excluded from the study because of incapacity or other conditions that made it difficult to follow them over time. Furthermore, a patient was excluded if their MRI baseline examination did not reveal a stroke diagnosis.

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In the event that a patient develops symptoms of a lacunar infarct, they may require intravenous clot-busting drugs or even surgery. Neurosurgeons may perform a brain surgery to remove the blockage or clot. Lacunar stroke is a life-threatening emergency, and patients need to be treated as quickly as possible to reduce their risk of further brain damage. The severity of brain injury will determine how long the patient needs to recover.

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Researchers should consider the presence of a control group when evaluating lacunar stroke patients. The presence of a control group would be helpful in assessing whether or not lacunar stroke is associated with increased risk of cognitive impairment. Using a database that includes all participants with a diagnosis of lacunar stroke is a potential solution to this problem. This database could be a branch of the PLORAS database or part of the Meta VCI Map consortium.

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Although it is important to note that the symptoms of a lacunar stroke can vary, they generally occur over a period of minutes to hours. Depending on the type of stroke, the symptoms can progress in a similar manner to a stuttering course. In addition to weakness and numbness, patients may experience ataxia, a condition that impairs the function of one side of the body.

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A lacunar stroke is usually caused by a blockage in an artery that branches off a larger artery. These arteries are small and branch off a large, heavily muscled artery. High blood pressure is a significant risk factor for lacunar strokes, as it damages the walls of the arteries directly. It may also lead to other kinds of stroke, such as those affecting the cortex of the brain.

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Patients with a single symptomatic lacunar stroke have a better chance of recovery than those with a number of silent lesions. The results of this study support the hypothesis that there are two types of lacunar stroke. A large vessel ischemic stroke is clinically distinguished from a lacunar stroke by the presence of cortical symptoms. Patients with a large amount of atherosclerotic disease should undergo a carotid artery intervention.

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Once the cause of the stroke is identified, treatment may involve a multidisciplinary team of physicians. A neurologist will treat any neurologic deficits with muscle relaxants. Pharmacists are important when patients take multiple medications and may need to monitor drug interactions. Rehabilitative therapy should continue until neurologic function returns to pre-infarction levels. Depending on the cause of the stroke, treatment may include intensive blood pressure control, statins, and other lifestyle risk factors.

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